3 Ideas to Save Space in the Bathroom

3 Ideas to Save Space in the Bathroom

Great design is all about optimizing space, especially when it means avoiding a huge bathroom renovation. When it comes to your bathroom, bigger is always better, but not always necessary or practical. Sometimes you’ve just got to work with what you have in order to avoid spending a large sum of money on a costly addition. So if you’re desperate for more space in your bathroom, and want to avoid tearing down any walls, here are three ideas to save space in the bathroom.

Wet Room Layouts

Although you may not have heard about wet room layouts, they’re actually a very popular design throughout Europe and Asia. They’re very practical and space-saving. It’s essentially a waterproof room that combines your shower, toilet and sink, all-in-one. So there’s no need for a separate space for a shower stall. This is a great way at truly optimizing what you’ve got, while giving your bathroom that unique European flair.

And for those who aren’t keen on the idea of a wet room, you can opt for what many others have done instead – create a half wet room where only the tub and shower are included, segregated on the other side with sink and vanity.

Ideas to Save Space in the Bathroom

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are one of the easiest ways to open up space in your bathroom and really give that sense of openness – especially for tighter spaces. Instead of having the plumbing and tank of your toilet located on and beneath the floor, it’s placed behind the wall.

The same thing goes for your sink.  So if floor space is limited, and the idea of a sink and vanity consumes the majority of space available, you can have mounted faucets and vanities installed as an alternative to the traditional designs.

The Toilet-Sink Combo

Not a fan of mounted fixtures? Why not try the toilet-sink combo. It may sound odd, but for those extremely tight spaces, it can sure be practical. The sink is in essence, attached to the tank of the toilet where fresh water comes out of the faucet and then drains into the tank for flushing.  It’s simple and pragmatic.

So if you have a master bath or guest bathroom that you’re eager to optimize, think outside of the box and consider these three practical solutions. Wall mounts and even a toilet-sink combo are ideal for those looking to free up more floor space. And wet rooms are increasingly growing in popularity not only for that unique European touch, but for the practicality of them as well.

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