5 Fun Basement Remodels

5-fun-basement remodels

The basement renovations Ottawa homeowners undergo do not have to be the same old family room, extra bedroom or spa bathroom. Here are five fun basement remodels to consider for your renovations:


Kids toys can make a real mess on your main floor. The basement renovations Ottawa homeowners undergo allow you to get creative. Design a kid friendly space with plenty of storage for all of their toys, shelves for books, movies and video games and even create a work space dedicated to home work. Playrooms can also be combined with a family area for watching movies, gaming and other family activities. Consider your children’s interests and decorate based on their needs. For example if they love crafts create a large built in work space with specialty storage shelves with everything they need within reach.


If you are a workout fanatic create a designated area for a gym. Install a wall of mirrors to check out your technique, mats for yoga and of course a spot for all of your equipment such as weights, tread mills or stationary bikes. A bathroom complete with steam shower or sauna are perfect luxury features to complete your home gym.

Shared Space

Divvy up the space and create a shared area for kids and parents. A nice area with floor space and toy storage is perfect for the kids to enjoy play time. You can then create a beautiful living area with comfortable couches, a home entertainment centre and even a built in wet bar for the adults.


An office is a must for today’s families. If you work from home often create a closed off area with a door for privacy. You can also create a work space for the family computer ideal for homework and paying the bills. The basement renovations Ottawa contractors offer can include a built in office space with storage, desk space and all the necessary electrical outlets for your computer set up.

Laundry Room

Although doing the laundry isn’t fun, doing the laundry in a remodeled basement can be a pleasure. Install new high efficiency appliances, a gorgeous tile floor, sink and granite work surfaces to make doing the laundry less of a chore.
The basement remodel is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and mix things up a little.

These ideas can provide inspiration for the basement renovations Ottawa homeowners might consider.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427