7 Things to Look for When Hiring a Contractor

When you’re ready to plan those long awaited renovations, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. That means when hiring contractors you want to be certain you are looking for all the right qualifications and qualities. Here are a few things to look for when hiring a contractor in Ottawa:

Testimonials or References:

The internet can really help you narrow down your list. One of the things you can do is search “contractors Ottawa” to narrow down your options by looking for websites that feature positive reviews.

Testimonials speak volumes about how well a contractor works and the level of service they provide. You can also ask them for references.

Before and After:

You can also look for before and after shots on a contractors website. Seeing results is always an excellent incentive to go with someone who takes pride in their work and is happy to show it.


Even with photos and testimonials it is nice to know your contractor has plenty of experience. Experience not only means knowledge, it also often means they have had years to forge strong relationships with vendors and they can get quality materials at excellent prices.


You want someone who will come out and assess your space to give you an estimate for your project. Never go into a project blind. You might find out the hard way just how expensive something can get without a budget and estimate in place.

Work Ethic:

If you are in contact with a contractor and you have difficulty getting them to return your calls, this does not bode well. You want someone with a strong work ethic who will make themselves available. This will speak to their dependability as well.

Customer Service:

Customer service is extremely important quality to look for when hiring a contractor. You want to work with someone who takes the time to explain everything to you and who will let you know what is happening. You want to be involved in the process and be consulted when key decisions have to be made. Ask them to explain their approach and the process they use on projects so you are comfortable with the way things will work.


Last but not least, make sure they can provide you with an estimated date of completion as well as a timeline.
Looking for these qualities will help you find a contractor who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced.  Please don’t wait to get in touch for a free in-home consultation, you can call us at (613) 727-9427.

5 Basement Remodeling Trends

Basement remodeling in Ottawa is rising in popularity for a number of reasons. Basement renovations are a far more affordable way to add much needed living space as they do not involve costs associated with additions. They also offer an excellent cost value ratio at 77 percent*. This is up 10.7 percent compared to 2012 and is expected to continue to rise in the coming future. With this in mind here are five basement remodeling trends:

Modern Basement Living Spaces

Instead of a opting for a perfectly polished look homeowners are now opting to go with a loft look for refinished basement family rooms. Traditionally associated with above ground rooms and spaces in renovated industrial buildings you can get the basement loft look by leaving exposed your support beams exposed and by adding polished cement floors.

If you live in an older home discover what lies beneath the floors and ceiling to add charm and character. You’ll want to work with a contractor who can tell you what will and will not work to keep things warm and cozy.

Spa Bathroom

With more and more people desperate for “me” time, the basement spa bathroom is becoming ever more appealing. You can create a truly luxurious bathroom with high end finishes, light fixtures and tubs, as well as massive shower “rooms” complete with multiple shower heads, lights and music. Some people are even adding a private sauna or a steam feature in their showers.

The Dream Laundry Room

Perhaps an influence from the stunning designs of laundry appliances, the dream laundry room is a new and exciting project for basement remodeling more and more Ottawa home owners are embracing. From exceptional washer and dryer sets to high end finishes such as slate floors and granite counter tops, laundry rooms are becoming a selling feature of the modern home.

Master Suite

Why confine yourself to a small mediocre master bedroom and a shared bathroom when you can create a stunning master suite in the basement. Ample walk in closet space, dressing rooms and of course an exclusively custom designed en suite turns a master suite basement remodel something many Ottawa home owners desire.

Home Theater

Last but not least the home theater is the ultimate basement remodeling project Ottawa homeowners love. With complete state of the art equipment, peek a boo screens, wireless surround sound speakers and theater seating families will love this remodel.

With basement renovations in Ottawa becoming more popular these five remodel ideas are sure to give you some inspiration for your basement remodel.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427


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