Finding a Trusted Contractor


When you are preparing to make improvements to your home you are investing a lot of money to see your dream become a reality. This means you want to be 100 percent certain you hire a trusted contractor who will complete the project and avoid any disasters requiring a call to Mike Holmes. There are a number of ways to find contractors Ottawa trusts to lessen your worries including:

Read Reviews

If you want to find a contractor who has performed their services without any problems one of the easiest places to start is to read reviews. The internet is the perfect resource to provide you with all the information you require when it comes to outstanding service. You will find positive and negative comments on reviews from many different websites and a good place to start is often the contractor’s own website. They will offer before and after pictures as well as reviews and testimonials from their happy clients. You can then do further research by entering their company name and the word “reviews” and see what pops up.

Word of Mouth

Most stellar contractors build their reputation on their own hard work. This is where word of mouth comes into play. Ask around and find out if anyone has used any contractors Ottawa home owners had recommended to them or that they themselves would recommend you try. This will help you find a few names to contact as well as to do further research. Nothing is more convincing than hearing first hand from someone you know and trust that a contractor has performed a project well and you can even ask if you can stop by their home to see the work for yourself.

Trusted Resources

You can also look at the contractor’s website and see if they are recommended by the Better Business Bureau or are members of any associations. You can look for credentials for training and also research their name on search engines and see if there are any reviews. If you have the actual owner’s name you can check that out as well in case they have worked under different business names in the past that might reveal some shady practices. The more research you do the more information you’ll discover, whether it be raving reviews, or negative reviews explaining in detail the problem and situation.

If you are thorough enough you are certain to find contractors Ottawa homeowners can trust.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.