Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Sudbury Ave

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Sudbury Ave

In today’s times, bathroom renovations are equally, if not more important than home renovations. For that reason, Renosgroup is just the contractor to go to for any kind of bathroom renovations that you might need to get done. Our workers are skilled, trained, and hardworking ensuring your project is done efficiently.

One such project that our team undertook was the bathroom renovation at Sudbury Ave, Ottawa. In this project, the client had one main goal – giving the bathroom a modern touch with increased storage space.

To start off, we removed their old bathtub and installed a new acrylic bathtub. After this, we put up acrylic walls to the bath area, which were custom-made. After this, we installed a shower faucet as well as a tub faucet with a slide rail. The slide rail made sure there were no safety hazards. Alongside this, we also put up a hand shower, a curtain rail and a two-shelf shower caddy. These additions helped in maximizing utility by making safety and storage much easier.

Once these additions were done, we also added a new vanity with a marble countertop for the sink with an undermount sink. A small cabinet area was also created next to the vanity to allow for further storage space addition.

To top it off, the mirror and light fixtures added a great touch in giving the place a complete look. We also painted the bathroom in a soft neutral color. It is safe to say that our client was more than delighted to see the final result.

If you too are on the lookout for bathrooms that look similar to that in Sudbury Ave, Ottawa, make sure to call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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