Our Thoughts on the Exposed Brick Style

Our Thoughts on the Exposed Brick Style

The exposed brick style is more popular than ever among interior designers – whether it’s for a home or commercial space. With the stunning texture, colour, charm and surprising warmth it adds to a space, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. But before you jump into adding this to your interior design, there are a few important factors to consider before you begin the renovation process.  Here are a few of our thoughts on the exposed brick style and what you need to know before moving forward.

Prepping The Brick

It may seem like a fairly simple DIY project where you rip off the plaster concealing the brick, seal or paint it and it’s good to go. However, it’s not quite that simple. First, you have to prep the brick. You can do this by cleaning it thoroughly with some soap and water-avoid any using acidic solutions. Using the soapy water, be sure to wipe away any dirt and white residue that can often linger on the brick. If you notice any signs of mold, then apply a weed killer to eliminate it. Using vinegar or bleach is not recommended on the porous surface. Allow the brick wall to fully dry before moving forward.

Sealing Brick

When you expose the brick, what you’re usually left with is a porous surface with gaps and cracks in the mortar and other incomplete factors that can make it easy for moisture to enter. It’s important to prevent moisture from getting in since it can cause the brick to deteriorate over time. Sealing or painting from the interior won’t be enough. You’ll need to seal any of these discrepancies along the wall and use a good exterior insulation to seal the exterior and protect the brick.

Staining Vs. Painting

If you decide to add a colour to your exposed brick wall, our advice is to go with a stain. Since the brick is porous, it will allow the paint to cake on the surface, leaving noticeable bubbles and certain areas bare. Hiring a professional to apply stain to your wall is always an investment that’s worth it since they are experienced and know the correct method and products to apply to produce a stunning, long-lasting final product.

There’s no denying just how beautiful and inviting the exposed brick style is. But it’s important to understand that it can involve a number of important steps in order to have a final product that won’t lead to a damaged, crumbling wall in the near future. If you’re ready to give your wall a facelift, contact us or give us a call at (613)727-9427 instead of turning it into a DIY project that can easily end up costing you more money down the road to correct. Our team of professionals are experienced and can take care of the entire process for you. Contact us today to get started!