3 Simple Kitchen Renovations

If your kitchen looks a little uninspired there are a few ways you can invest in an affordable kitchen renovation. Instead of undergoing a complete remodel you can make partial renovations that will help to update your kitchen. Here are three budget friendly ideas to give your tired space a little makeover:

Cabinets and Backsplash

Your cabinets can be updated in a number of ways. You can opt to refinish them with a new stain or a fresh coat of paint. This can be a little labour intensive but well worth the effort. You can also look into refacing your cabinets. Cabinet refacing uses the base of the cabinets and replaces the doors. This is an easy process with little disruption. It is also affordable and makes a huge impact on the look of your kitchen. A backsplash update is also an affordable option. With so many choices of tile you can really get creative. However even a fresh new backsplash of simple white subway tile can do wonders to make your kitchen look new.

Tile and Appliances

Nothing dates a kitchen more than old appliances. Replacing your appliances with new, energy efficient appliances will make your kitchen look state of the art. It will also help reduce your energy bills. You can opt for sleek stainless steel for a modern look or look for options such as built-ins for island cook tops, wall ovens and fridges. Tiling is another excellent way to create a decorative update for your kitchen. You can create an interesting mosaic design behind your stove, update your backsplash or look at new flooring options. Tile is affordable and can be used to create a number of styles including modern, traditional or rustic.

Countertops and Hardware

Countertops cover quite a large surface area in your kitchen, even in smaller spaces. That means new countertops can make a huge impact on the look of your kitchen. There are many options for countertops including natural stone and marble, butcher block and man-made options including recycled glass. A simple finishing touch that can really update your cabinets is replacing your hardware. Look for large and impressive handles in white metal for a modern look or rustic finishes such as brass or black cast iron knobs for a traditional or country kitchen.

Partial kitchen renovations are the budget friendly option for easy kitchen makeovers.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next renovation project, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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