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Are you tired of wasting your basement’s potential by using it as a storage space? Do you wish your home had an extra bedroom or man cave? Then you need to undergo basement renovations in Ottawa with us at RenosGroup! It’s time to stop overlooking one of the essential rooms in your home. With our help, you can fully realize all your basement design ideas.

The first step is reaching out to us for a free in-home consultation.

At no charge to you, we’ll visit your home to determine all your needs and the specs of your basement. During this time, you can let us know what you want the most out of your renovations. We’ll adhere to your desires while coming up with a feasible action plan.

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Our team will take detailed measurements to make sure everything checks out. Once you give us the green light, we’ll prepare a contract written in plain English.

You won’t have to deal with any industry jargon or hidden charges when you work with us.

We’ll also provide you with an accurate quote for the overall cost of the project. If you want basement renovations in Ottawa, read on to learn more about what we can do for you at RenosGroup.

Trust Our Team Instead of DIY

You might think that renovating your basement could be a fun DIY project. Yet, there are many reasons why we strongly recommend against this. Basement renovations are best left to professionals like us. We’ve seen many clients suffer damages by attempting DIY basement renovations in Ottawa. If they had contacted us beforehand, they could have avoided damage to their home.

So why are basement renovations more dangerous than others? It’s due to the nature of the basement itself. You see, a basement isn’t just a room; it’s an integral part of your home’s foundation. Botched basement renovations can lead to severe damage to the foundation. That, in turn, can compromise the safety of your entire house. Bear in mind; you might not be able to see the damages right away, as foundational damage often takes time to show up. That’s why it’s not worth risking it doing it on your own or hiring cheap ‘professionals.’

Remodelling for the long term.Other hazards involved in basement renovations include:

  • Fire hazards
  • Leaks
  • Foundational cracks
  • Mold
  • Asbestos

At RenosGroup, we always follow strict industry safety codes and guidelines. Due to our experience and expertise, we know how to navigate these hazards. To provide our clients with the best service, we’ll also point out any safety hazards as we see them. If our team runs across any existing mold or cracks, we’ll halt everything and let you know. Crystal clear communication is a big part of our customer service.

The final reason you shouldn’t attempt basement renovations in Ottawa yourself is quality. After all, you want your renovations to look good, right? If you’ve never worked on a basement before, your first time will not look spectacular. 

The same is true if you hire cheap contractors with no skill or proven track record. It’s worth paying the extra money to achieve the high-quality standards we deliver. Not only that, but cheaper contractors are likely not to have insurance. The same is true if you attempt renovations on your own. 

The safest way to renovate your basement is with insured professionals like us. 

We have WSIB insurance at RenosGroup. That means you’re 100% covered should any incidents arise during the renovations. Not only will we deliver fantastic quality, but you’ll stay protected the entire time. There’s no better way to undergo basement renovations in Ottawa than with our fantastic team.

Creating Your Perfect Basement

If you have a general idea of what type of basement living space you want, we can help you flesh it out. While your concept is the first step, we’ll help you turn it into a fundamental idea with a design plan. Our professionals can also help you add necessary details to your vision.

Let’s say that you want to transform your basement into a guest bedroom. You have an idea where you want a bed and a dresser, but that’s as far as you’ve gotten. That’s when one of our team members points out the perfect area to turn into a guest bathroom. Your eyes light up at the thought, now realizing your guests won’t have to go upstairs to use the restroom.

We’ll help you fully envision your idea and make the most out of the space you have available.

We’re one of the only renovation teams in Ottawa that offer free in-home consultations. Other contractors feature a different model where you have to visit their showroom. That’s to entice you with expensive products for your renovation instead of working with your wants and needs.

These contractors will charge you before even stepping foot inside your basement. To us, that’s completely insane. 

Ask yourself this question, “How can a contractor know how to renovate my basement if they’ve never seen it?”

 The answer is that they can’t! 

They aren’t concerned with making your vision a reality. Instead, they want to up-sell you with fancy products so they can profit as much as possible. Somehow, this model has become the industry standard in today’s age.

We disagree with that business model, which is why we’re different. 

At RenosGroup, we work for you, not the other way. Our team will listen to all your ideas while providing candid suggestions of our own. While we do have a showroom, it’s entirely online. We don’t sell anything there; it’s just to give you an idea of what is available.

Our team consists of elite-level contractors with a wide array of different specialties. We’ve got: 

  • Interior designers
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • More

You’ll love how fast and efficient we’re able to work due to this diversity of talents. With us, you’ll never have to wait three days for the plumber to show up. No matter what your renovation project calls for, we’ve got team members equipped to do it. We offer basement renovations in Ottawa that are efficient, affordable, and professional.

Ideas and Trends for Basement Renovations in Ottawa

Now that you know more about how we handle renovations let’s look at some hot trends and ideas. There are countless ways that you can repurpose your basement into something special that adds value to your home. Ask yourself what you wish your home had or had more of the most. Maybe all that you want is more organized storage space. Even if that’s the case, there’s a lot that we can do at RenosGroup to give you the most storage possible. Here are our picks for some of the most exciting basement renovation ideas we’ve seen in recent years.

  • An Open Design. One prominent trend homeowners are taking advantage of more and more is an open basement plan. Instead of limiting your basement to one design idea, why not incorporate many? With an open design, you can have an area for a couch, TV, bar, and dining area. Open design plans allow you to mix and match ideas while promoting a sense of community. They can also make smaller basements appear a lot larger than they are. Who needs walls anyway? An open plan lets you take full advantage of the square footage of your basement.
  • Extending Your Home. Do you wish you had more living space? Then you can view your basement as an extension of the upstairs. A popular trend is to stick with the same color scheme, flooring, and trim as the upstairs. That way, your basement will have a seamless flow and feel just like another room. With the extra space, you can get creative. Do you want another living room with a fireplace? Would you prefer a bar or a wine cellar? It’s all up to you.
  • A Legitimate Home Theater. You’d be pleasantly surprised to find out how feasible a home theater can be with the right company. We can deck out your basement with theater-style seating, lighting, flooring, and architecture. Of course, we’ll install a giant LED projection screen to make it as authentic as possible. All your friends and family will flock to your basement to enjoy the latest movie in a fun and safe way.
  • A Recording Studio and Stage. If you’re a musician, then this is the idea for you. Let us soundproof your walls and create a fantastic recording studio. Why end there? We can also help you design a stage with all the necessary hookups. You can now host entire concerts from your basement. The sky is the literal limit when you choose RenosGroup for basement renovations in Ottawa.
  • A Home Pub or Brewery. If you appreciate a good beer, then you can turn your basement into a fully functional bar or brewery. We can help you pull out all the stops, a draft system, a built-in toaster oven, and bar-style seating. What would a home bar be without the right lighting fixtures? Our interior designer will work with you to come up with your ideal bar atmosphere.
  • A Kid’s Playroom. Do you have a lot of children? Then they’d love a fun space for themselves. Since it’s in the basement, you can enjoy some peace and quiet upstairs! The basement is also the perfect room to organize and store all your children’s toys, books, and games. You can designate areas for video games and others for educational learning. Let our interior designers know what you have in mind for your kids’ room, and we’ll make it happen.
  • Home Office. For all the entrepreneurs in Ottawa, you need a space in your home to handle business. If you ask us, the basement is a perfect spot for an office. It’s away from the rest of the house and free from distractions. You can also deck it out with filing cabinets, printers, computers, desks, and even a lounge area. After all, who wouldn’t love a little nook to enjoy a break from being busy?

These are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing for basement renovations in Ottawa. As you can see, there are lots of ways to spruce up your basement so that you can get more value out of your home. Your basement is a part of your overall square footage, so you might as well make the most out of it!

Ways Basement Renovations in Ottawa Can Benefit You

We’ve gone over a lot so far, but you still may be on the fence about renovating your basement. If you’re not sure if basement renovations are worth it, here are some perks that may convince you.

Create More Interest From Buyers

If you were a potential home buyer, which would interest you more:

  • A home that has a messy basement with an unfinished floor and junk is strewn about
  • A house with a beautiful basement that has an open design plan with a couch, TV, bar, and fridge.

8 Ideas for Remodeling Your BasementThe answer is pretty obvious. You’ll create far more interest from buyers with a finished basement. The nicer the basement is, the more interest you’ll gain. If you plan on selling your home sometime in the future, finishing your basement is a great idea. You’ll also get to enjoy the renovations for as many years as you decide to stay in the home, which is a plus.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

When we renovate your basement, we’ll insulate it and install drywall to stop air from escaping. As a result, you’ll enjoy lots of savings on your energy bill each month. An unfinished basement is a disaster for saving on energy. That’s because hot and cool air can escape from unfinished basements with ease. If you want to stay warm or cool without going broke, then renovating and finishing your basement is what you need to do. It will definitely shock you at how much you’ll end up saving by renovating your basement with our team.

Boost Your Resale Value

Renovating your basement is one of the best ways to add value to your home. That’s because it increases the usable square footage in your house. You’re essentially adding another room, which is enormous for resale value. When it comes time to sell, you’ll get a lot more bang for your back, thanks to getting basement renovations in Ottawa.

Make Your Money Back In No Time

Due to the benefits listed above, basement renovations are an excellent investment. You’ll enjoy:

  • Increased curb appeal
  • Added value to your home
  • Increased energy savings

With all these savings, you’ll make your money back in no time. In a few short years, a majority of our clients end up making their investment back.

Get the Most Out of Your Home

With our basement renovations in Ottawa, you can finally get the most out of your home. Renovating is your chance to add the things that you wish you had to your existing space. With the help of our trained and experienced team, nearly anything is possible. We’ve already listed tons of ways that you can repurpose your space. You no longer have to limit your basement to be that dark, scary place that your kids fear. Instead, we can help you turn it into whatever you want it to be, including a fun kids’ room with nothing scary.

Basement Renovation - Quarry Ridge, Orleans

Top Reasons to Choose RenosGroup

Finally, let’s look at the top factors that set us apart from all our competitors. At RenosGroup, we:

  • Offer totally free in-home consultations
  • Have a fantastic crew of interior designers, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and more
  • Offer affordable rates, accurate quotes, and readable contracts
  • Will listen to what you want out of your project
  • Will help you make the most out of your space and design ide
  • Will set a deadline and stick to it or surpass it
  • Won’t try to upsell you on unnecessary renovation products
  • Will provide exemplary craftsmanship, communication, efficiency, and respect

Please don’t wait to take a look at our outstanding portfolios:

We’ve renovated countless kitchens, bathrooms, and basements in Ottawa, and we’d love for yours to be next.

Making us even more tempting is our online showroom for home renovation products.  Though we don’t sell any products these pages can help with your product selections while your in your own home. We  have access to interior designers to help you match colours and fixtures bringing out the warmth and comfort you want your home to exude.  Design work does come with extra fees, but well worth it when it comes to the final look of the finished product.

Don’t Wait To Try Us Out Today!

To meet our team click on this link.  There’s no reason to wait to reach out to us for basement renovations in Ottawa. We’ll go to rigorous lengths to ensure your total satisfaction with our work. Our team will listen to your wants and desires, and we’ll make sure that we make your dream design a reality. Please don’t be shy about getting in touch with us for a totally free in-home consultation today. There’s no risk to you at all, as we won’t present you with a contract or quote until you let us know you want to hire us. We’d love to sit down with you and chat about your design ideas, so feel free to contact us or give us a call at (613) 727-9427 to get started now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average price of a complete basement renovation is $30,000. As with other renovations, it will depend upon the size of your basement and the materials we use. A basement with a bathroom would cost upwards of $45,000 (Renovation Costs Explained)

For a 700 square-foot basement, our team will finish in anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Adding a bathroom to your basement will add 2-4 weeks to the project.

We do not recommend that you do this. You could potentially injure yourself or cause expensive damages. Our professional team is insured, and we have a flawless track record.

Permits are typically required to do a basement renovation. A building permit will be needed from the City of Ottawa and an electrical permit from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). A basic floor plan will be needed for the permit.

Remodeling means you will reconfigure the layout and structure of the home. It requires a permit, and it’s a more involved process. Renovating is tweaking your existing interiors.

Summer months are considered the best time. That’s due to the dry air and lack of mud and mush. Yet, winter month renovations tend to be cheaper, so there’s an advantage there as well.

For basements, the flooring and electrical will cost you the most. Our Renos Group team will help you determine a tight budget and then stick to it.

Our team will consult with you and then come up with a detailed design plan.

An exciting basement will add lots of value to the resale price of your home. It also adds to the overall usable square footage of your house.

The interior of the city of Ottawa.

$12,000 or 2 weeks of labor for our crew.

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