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It depends on the extent of the renovations and the materials/products you use. As a ballpark estimate for a complete kitchen renovation, you can expect a cost of around $25,000. Click here (Renovation Costs Explained) for a rundown of how our renovation costs work. Hiring us is a safer and more cost-effective option than trying to tackle renovations on your own. If you try to DIY it, you could end up costing yourself thousands in repairs. There’s also a significant risk of injury.

It’ll come down to your kitchen’s size as well as how many accessories you want. In general, our renovations take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. If we need to remove any supporting walls, that will add another 1-2 weeks.

You could, but we advise against it, especially if you have no prior experience. Even if you are a seasoned handyman, renovating your entire kitchen is a large and risky project. One small mistake could cost you thousands in repairs. The significant advantage of hiring contractors like us is that we have a large team and are insured.

For undergoing basic kitchen renovations, you won’t need a permit at all. If you want to add extensions to your kitchen or configure the home’s structure, you’ll need a license. You won’t need a permit as long as you don’t need to knock down any walls or mess with the plumbing/electrical.

Remodeling involves changing the structure of the kitchen. That means adding/removing walls and reconfiguring wiring and plumbing. Remodeling projects often require permits. Renovations are slight changes and replacements to your existing interiors. Nothing changes the structure of a home from renovating.

The summer months will always be ideal for any renovation project. That’s because the dry air means no wet mud or slush can get onto the site. Yet, there’s no wrong time to renovate. In fact, winter month renovations are often cheaper in price.

Custom carpentry and electrical work are among the most expensive aspects of any renovation. Our renovations expert will run down the cost of your design plan during our consultation.

Definitely. An accurate design plan is a must for any successful renovation. Luckily, our team features interior designers who can help you form an airtight plan to suit your space perfectly.

Of course! An attractive kitchen is a huge selling point for any home. Renovating your kitchen to perfection will add lots of resale value.

Our service area includes inside the city of Ottawa. We do not provide our services to the outskirts of Ottawa or on the Quebec side.

$12,000 or 2 weeks of labor for our crew.

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