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Transform your kitchen with expert renovations in Ottawa. Experience modern design and superior functionality today.
“We’re kitchen contractors in Ottawa that offer free in-home consultations. Let us help you make the most important remodeling decisions from the comfort of your home.”
If you’re thinking about kitchen renovations, you need to hire the right company. It would be best if you didn’t waste your time with everyday general contractors. They may offer every service under the sun, but they lack the expertise that comes with specializing in something.
We’re different at RenosGroup, as renovations are our #1 focus. Our team is highly educated, trained, and experienced in remodels. We collaborate with you to achieve your desired outcome, offering free in-home consultations to help design your remodel on-site. This is all without charging you a dime! We specialize in kitchen renovations, remodeling contractors, designing in Ottawa with skilled contractors dedicated to your satisfaction.
When it comes to kitchens, we do it all. From the floor to the ceiling, we can breathe life into everything. Let us help you set things up the way that you want. That way, you can easily prepare your meals and have all your cooking tools in handy locations. We’ll also help you transform a dull kitchen into an aesthetically pleasing paradise. Read on to learn why we offer the best kitchen renovations Ottawa has available.

Offering Clients More Than Just a Free Estimate

Sadly, the industry standard has become paid consultations for kitchen renovations. Lots of kitchen remodeling companies require you to visit their showroom first. Why? So they can control the purchasing relationship they have with you. They won’t set foot in your home without a retainer or deposit first.

Sure, they’ll be happy to show off expensive floor coatings in their showroom, but what good will that do if they’ve never been in your home?

In order for a renovator to properly design a kitchens,
they need to see it first. Also, they need to consider your needs as a client. If they won’t come to your home without you paying first, that says that they don’t care about what you want. They’d much rather impose selling their most expensive cabinets, countertops, and floors.

We don’t believe that’s right at RenosGroup. That’s why we offer free in-home consultations to all clients. That’s not all that we offer, either. We include:

While showrooms aren’t our focus, we do have an online showroom. you can view. These are for you to get an idea of the types of products we offer for your bathroom renovations in Ottawa.

All that you see above is 100% free for all clients. That’s because we genuinely care about the work that we do, and we want to ensure your total satisfaction. We also value your opinions and ideas for renovating your kitchen. We’ll never impose our will on your design. Instead, we’ll focus entirely on your wants and needs. After all, we work for you, not the other way around!

We’re one of the only mid-priced companies offering kitchen renovations in Ottawa. Our free consultations will provide the following benefits for you:

Another benefit that we offer our clients is our online product showroomWhile we don’t sell anything here, these pages will help you make product selections. We even have an interior designer that will help you match your colors and fixtures. Let us know what type of look and feel you want your kitchen to exude, and we’ll make it happen.

Our Capabilities at RenosGroup

We feature a passionate, hard-working team of designers and contractors. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we have many different capabilities for renovations. Make sure to take a look at our extensive portfolio to see our work in action. You’ll get to see examples of our work on:

Since we’re so diverse in what we can do, we can quickly deliver the kitchen of your dreams. Be sure to spare no details when consulting with our designers. Here are a few things that you can consider when coming up with a design.







A kitchen is a room in your home with a definite purpose; preparing meals. Even if you don’t cook a lot, you’ll still use your kitchen to store and prepare food. If you do cook a lot, then that’s doubly true. That’s why it’s so crucial to have an intelligent layout for your kitchen. Practicality is something you should definitely consider during your in-home consultation with us.
For example, you can get creative with where you put your cooking tools. A hot new trend is to make use of open shelves. These are shelves that can contain all your pots and pans. Since it’s an open shelf, you can grab them with ease.
You could also get us to install hooks to hang up your spatulas, tongs, spoons, and other cooking utensils. With our capabilities, the sky is the limit for kitchen renovations in Ottawa.


You won’t want to cook in your kitchen for very long if it doesn’t look nice.
That’s why you need to consider the aesthetics of your space as well. Of course, everyone has varying tastes when it comes to how they like their kitchen to look. Currently, white is a big trend in kitchens across the nation. It’s an inviting, positive look that provides a contemporary feel.
That doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the trends, though. Our designers at RenosGroup can help you visualize and create any kitchen layout. Do you prefer gray or black, or would you rather have lots of vibrant colors? No matter what your preferences are, our team can make it happen for you. Please don’t be shy about suggesting any aesthetic look for your kitchen.
A visually pleasing kitchen isn’t just about colors, though. It would be best if you also considered your countertops, tile, and walls. Wall tile is a classy look that we install for many kitchens. We can also procure a wide variety of countertops for you, including granite and more. You’ll also enjoy plenty of options for your floors. Do you prefer tile, vinyl, or a polished concrete veneer? The good news is that we can provide all of the above at RenosGroup. With our help, you’ll have complete control over all the visual elements in your kitchen. Our capabilities will let you get creative and experiment with a lot of fun looks.



Reasons to Undergo Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa

Discover an extensive array of premium services tailored to cater to your specific requirements. From conceptualization to execution, we deliver excellence at every stage, ensuring satisfaction and surpassing expectations with our commitment to quality and innovation.You may be wondering why you would need to renovate your kitchen. It turns out that there are many great reasons to renovate and remodel your kitchen in Ottawa. Here are the top reasons why our clients decide to remodel their kitchens:

Eliminating Inconvenience

We are a home renovation company in Ottawa that specializes in helping homeowners transform their homes into their dream spaces. Whether you’re needing a complete home makeover or just a bathroom remodel, we can assist you in creating a beautiful and functional space that you love. Not only will we take care of the renovation aspects of your projectIf you find that you’re constantly opening cabinets and reaching for things, you have a terrible layout. As previously mentioned, practicality is something you need to consider when renovating. Conversely, if your current setup is lacking, that’s a perfect reason to renovate. Nothing can discourage you from cooking at home than a lousy kitchen layout.

So what’s your Kitchen like right now? Can you not open the fridge if a particular drawer is open? Are you constantly hitting your head on a poorly placed cabinet? Do you have to walk a mile to get a pan that you need? Then it’s time to renovate your kitchen to improve its functionality. You’ll undoubtedly be glad that you did once you can cook an entire meal without leaving one spot!

Your kitchen materials will also deteriorate over time. Even if you have the most durable wallpaper, it will eventually start to peel. If you have scratched countertops and peeling cabinets, it’s time for an upgrade.

Renovating To Meet Your Family’s Needs

Another reason our clients get kitchen renovations in Ottawa is for their families. Raising a new family means that you’re going to have unique needs for the rooms in your home. You’ll need to add more seating, a larger fridge, and more cooking space. If you’ve got more children on the way, then you need to anticipate this. It’s also the perfect time to renovate.

That way, by the time you have the child, the kitchen will already be renovated. You can add all sorts of things to prepare for a larger family, such as added pantry space. Our team at Renos Group will consult with you to determine the needs of your growing family.

Boost The Resale Value of Your Home

If you plan on selling your home in the future, then getting kitchen renovations in Ottawa is a great idea. If your kitchen is still stuck in the stone age, then you’re depleting the value of your home. To keep your homes’ value, then renovations every few years are a must. You want to make sure that you have modern appliances and a sleek look.

In fact, renovating your kitchen is one of the most important rooms you can improve. Homeowners can see a 90% increase in their home’s value from intelligent kitchen renovations. An upgraded kitchen will also help you land a sale quicker than if you didn’t renovate.

Save On Energy and Water

Are your appliances from the 1960s? While they might have an excellent retro feel, they’re wasting a ton of energy. The same is true for old dishwashers. They tend to use a ton of water if they’re not from the past ten years or so. That’s why upgrading your appliances is so important. Not only do they look more modern and work better, but great strides have been made in energy efficiency. Modern appliances will help you save a bundle on your monthly utility bills. That makes yet another reason in favor of undergoing renovations.

Benefits of Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa

Now that you know some candid reasons why you should renovate, what about the benefits? Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are many rewards to reap from renovating. As a homeowner, you’ll find far more benefits from renovating than keeping the status quo. Let’s take a look at our top picks for the benefits you’ll enjoy from one of our renovations.


Clean and Declutter Your Kitchen

Is your Kitchen full of dingy surfaces, piled-up dishes, and scattered utensils? Then renovating is a must to get rid of all that clutter. If your kitchen is particularly messy, then you probably have an unreliable layout. You may lack storage space or have too much of it.

If you don’t have enough storage for your kitchen, you should let us install an island. Islands not only add more cooking space, but they add extra storage as well. Our team is more than capable of designing any type of island that you’d like to use. We can make islands that have extra storage space underneath. There, you can store bulky items such as bread machines, blenders, and other appliances that are in the way. The lack of clutter alone will do wonders for the appearance of your kitchen.

Make Your Kitchen a Safer Place

If your kitchen is very outdated, then you could have some safety hazards. These include mold and mildew, faulty wiring, and slippery floors. The good news is that renovating can get rid of all these safety risks. We’ll take safety into consideration during your in-home consultation. Our experts will inspect your Kitchen from top to bottom to make sure that everything is up to code. We’ll check for:

If you don’t have enough storage for your kitchen, you should let us install an island. Islands not only add more cooking space, but they add extra storage as well. Our team is more than capable of designing any type of island that you’d like to use. We can make islands that have extra storage space underneath. There, you can store bulky items such as bread machines, blenders, and other appliances that are in the way. The lack of clutter alone will do wonders for the appearance of your kitchen.
When designing your new kitchen, we’ll make it as safe as possible. We’ll add non-slip coatings for your floors to make sure that you won’t suffer a fall. We’ll also clean out any mold and mildew so that we can install new surfaces. We even have flooring options that are resistant to mold and bacteria.

Our team will have a lot of recommendations for you as far as safety is concerned. We’ll also make sure that the wiring for your new Kitchen is up to code and installed by a professional. If you want to keep your kitchen safe and free from accidents, then you need to reach out to us for kitchen renovations in Ottawa. Our team will go to great efforts to keep you and your family safe inside your newly renovated kitchen.



Why Choose RenosGroup for Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa?

Okay, so we’ve gone over a lot so far. You should now know about the importance of hiring the right company. You’re also familiar with all the reasons to renovate and the benefits involved. Now let’s examine why we’re the absolute best kitchen contractors Ottawa has around right now.
For one, if you’ve never renovated homes before, you don’t know what you’re getting into at all. Even making a few simple renovations can have severe repercussions if you don’t do them right.For one, nobody can begin to touch our expertise with renovations. Our team consists of the best of the best, and we have rigorous training programs in place. Our superior quality control allows us to ensure fantastic performances for every single client.
Other reasons to choose our team for your renovation project include:
These are just a few of the reasons why you should make us your go-to company for kitchen renovations in Ottawa.

Reach Out To Us Today!

Setting up a free in-home consultation with us is a total breeze. You can also use our online form, or you can give us a call at 613 727-9427 to request a free quote for your kitchen renovation project. We’re always available to take on new clients, so don’t be shy about reaching out to us. As stated in this article, there are many reasons why you should renovate your kitchen. It will help you stay organized, add value to your home, help you save on energy, and so much more.

Our team at RenosGroup is here to take care of your every need. Our services go above and beyond average general contractors without any specialization that offer cheap renovations. We’re also more reasonable and affordable than other kitchen contracting companies in the area. We’ll never leave you hanging to take on a higher-paying project, either. Whenever we start a new project, we work hard until the job gets done. Our turnaround times are speedy, and our work quality goes unrivaled in Ottawa.

If you’re ready to enjoy the best kitchen renovations Ottawa has available today, then don’t wait to reach out to us at RenosGroup.

Watch our completed kitchen renovation video

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the extent of the renovations and the materials/products you use. As a ballpark estimate for a complete kitchen renovation, you can expect a cost of around $25,000. Click here (Renovation Costs Explained) for a rundown of how our renovation costs work. Hiring us is a safer and more cost-effective option than trying to tackle renovations on your own. If you try to DIY it, you could end up costing yourself thousands in repairs. There’s also a significant risk of injury.
It’ll come down to your kitchen’s size as well as how many accessories you want. In general, our renovations take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. If we need to remove any supporting walls, that will add another 1-2 weeks.
You could, but we advise against it, especially if you have no prior experience. Even if you are a seasoned handyman, renovating your entire kitchen is a large and risky project. One small mistake could cost you thousands in repairs. The significant advantage of hiring contractors like us is that we have a large team and are insured.
For undergoing basic kitchen renovations, you won’t need a permit at all. If you want to add extensions to your kitchen or configure the home’s structure, you’ll need a license. You won’t need a permit as long as you don’t need to knock down any walls or mess with the plumbing/electrical.
Remodeling involves changing the structure of the kitchen. That means adding/removing walls and reconfiguring wiring and plumbing. Remodeling projects often require permits. Renovations are slight changes and replacements to your existing interiors. Nothing changes the structure of a home from renovating.
The summer months will always be ideal for any renovation project. That’s because the dry air means no wet mud or slush can get onto the site. Yet, there’s no wrong time to renovate. In fact, winter month renovations are often cheaper in price.
Custom carpentry and electrical work are among the most expensive aspects of any renovation. Our renovations expert will run down the cost of your design plan during our consultation.
Definitely. An accurate design plan is a must for any successful renovation. Luckily, our team features interior designers who can help you form an airtight plan to suit your space perfectly.
Of course! An attractive kitchen is a huge selling point for any home. Renovating your kitchen to perfection will add lots of resale value.
Our service area includes inside the city of Ottawa. We do not provide our services to the outskirts of Ottawa or on the Quebec side.
$12,000 or 2 weeks of labor for our crew.

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