Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Badger Cres

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Badger Cres | Renos Group
Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Badger Cres | Renos Group

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Badger Cres

Renosgroup is thrilled to be at your service, bringing the finest kitchen renovations to Badger Cres in Ottawa. Our dedication to excellence and passion for transforming spaces into personalized havens sets us apart in the realm of home renovations.

Renosgroup is proud to showcase the specific renovations completed at Lorraine Ave in Ottawa:

  1. Structural Enhancement:

    • Removed a support wall and installed a beam along the ceiling, creating an open and spacious feel in the designated area.
  2. Flooring and Baseboards:

    • Replaced hardwood flooring and baseboards throughout the entire house, achieving a cohesive and elegant atmosphere.
  3. Ceiling Refinement:

    • Applied a meticulous skim coat to the ceilings throughout the house, ensuring a sleek and uniform finish.
  4. Staircase Transformation:

    • Replaced and finished the steps and risers, adding a touch of sophistication to the entire home.
  5. Bathroom Beautification:

    • Re-tiled the main bathroom floor, introducing a harmonious design that complements the overall aesthetic.
  6. Basement Upgrade:

    • Replaced the basement bathroom ceiling, fan, and pot lights, enhancing both style and functionality in this space.
  7. Closet Doors:

    • Replaced four closet doors, contributing to the overall cohesive design of the renovated home.
  8. House Priming and Painting:

    • Applied a fresh coat of prime and paint throughout the house, revitalizing the entire living space.
  9. Kitchen Transformation:

    • Replaced the tile floor in the kitchen, creating a modern and cohesive look.
  10. Cabinet Upgrade:

    • Replaced kitchen cabinets, introducing a fresh and contemporary design to the heart of the home.
  11. Luxurious Countertop Installation:

    • Installed a luxurious quartz countertop in the kitchen, complemented by a stylish sink and faucet.
  12. Backsplash Beauty:

    • Tiled the kitchen backsplash, adding a personalized and visually striking element to the space.
  13. Kitchen Illumination:

    • Strategically installed four pot lights in the kitchen, ensuring a well-lit and inviting cooking area.
  14. Modern Appliances Integration:

    • Seamlessly integrated modern kitchen appliances, combining style with practicality.

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This project included:

Remove a support wall and install a beam along the ceiling
Hardwood flooring & and baseboards throughout the house 
Skim coat ceiling throughout the house
New stair caps and risers
Main bathroom floor tiles
Basement bathroom ceiling, fan, and pot lights
Closet doors x 4
Paint complete house
Kitchen floor tile
Kitchen cabinets
Quartz countertop
Sink and faucet
Kitchen backsplash Tile 
Pot lights x 4
Kitchen appliances

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