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Discover charming coach houses in Ottawa, offering unique living spaces with modern amenities and style.
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Coach houses in Ottawa are now approved under proposed new zoning bylaws – are you ready to make your dream of backyard living a reality?

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Whether you want to downsize to a cozy home at the back of your own property or want to rent to generate extra income – we can help.

Also known as carriage houses, laneway houses, even called Fonzie suites in some places – are small, detached units located on existing lots. They may be converted sheds or garages, or they may be purpose-built. Essentially, they are external apartments with a permanent foundation

Coach houses are an innovative housing option aiming to diversify the makeup of neighborhoods, broadening the population base in terms of income levels and age demographics. For example, you could continue to live in the main house while staying close to your elderly parents who occupy a brand new, fully outfitted coach house. You could rent out the coach house in Ottawa to a young professional or student attending Carleton University, Algonquin College, or the University of Ottawa.

If you are looking to downsize, you can rent out the main house to cover the mortgage and live a cozy life in the coach house designed to your exact specifications. This option is especially appealing for homeowners who want to maximize their rental income for purposes like paying off the mortgage, investing in retirement savings, building an education fund, or want extra “fun money” for vacations.


Building a Coach House in Ottawa

New to Ottawa, coach houses come with many restrictions. This is why it is important to work with an experienced, licensed, insured contractor, not the lowest bidder. The last thing you want to do is investing a coach house only to discover that it doesn’t conform to the legal requirements regarding footprint, setbacks, access, and even design. And of course, once approval is finalized, any coach house must conform to Ontario Building Code provisions.

Even though a coach house covers a small footprint, it still has advanced utility needs. This is certainly not a DIY project or a job that should be handed to an unqualified jack-of-all-trades contractor. Whether building a structure from scratch or retrofitting a garage or shed, the coach house will require electricity, gas, water, and sewer/septic services installed with attention to detail and safety by qualified professionals. Furthermore to maximize the rental income and/or desirability of the space, all aspects of the design and construction must be handled with care.

Making us even more tempting is our online product showroom.  Though we don’t sell any products these pages can help with your product selections while your in your own home. We have access to interior designers to help you match colours and fixtures bringing out the warmth and comfort you want your home to exude.  Design work does come with extra fees, but well worth it when it comes to the final look of the finished product.

You deserve a state-of-the-art coach house built by the professionals. Trust to build your coach house right and enhance the value of your property while staying true to the character of the main home. Meet the team by clicking this link.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 today for your free in-home consultation, and discover why is Ottawa’s favourite choice

Coach House Landscape

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a coach house depends on the extent of the coach house and the materials you choose. If you’re looking to build a 500 SF coach house, you should estimate on a cost upwards of $100,000 (Renovation Costs Explained).

A 500 SF coach house typically takes 3-4 months to build.

You always have the option of building your coach house yourself, however, we advise against it. If you are lacking prior experience and are simply looking for something cost-effective, there are better alternatives, such as renovating during the low season. By hiring a professional, you avoid having to pay for any repairs or replacements in the future.

Permits are required to build a coach house. A building permit will be needed from the City of Ottawa and an electrical permit from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Architectural/Design plans will also be needed.

Like most renovations, the best time to build a coach house is at the start of the summer months. With that said, a coach house can be started later in the summer or even the fall as long as it gets closed in before it gets too cold or snowed in.

If you are building a coach house, the foundation/concrete slab and architectural/design fees are usually the largest expense. Discussing your budget with a renovation expert will give you a better idea of what you can afford and the steps you can take to minimize the cost.

Yes, Architectural/Design plans are needed for any coach house. If you don’t have an exact plan in mind of what you are looking for, we’re happy to help! Our team is more than willing to provide direction and ideas on what will suit your space best.

Yes. You should have an idea of the layout and generally what you’d like to have completed. If you don’t have an exact plan in mind of what you are looking for, we’re happy to help! Our team is more than willing to provide direction and ideas on what will suit your space best.
Absolutely! A home renovation is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.

Absolutely! A coach house is a great way to generate some income or help a family member which would increase the overall value of the property.

The interior of the city of Ottawa.

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