Maricona Way – Basement

Basement Renovation Ottawa - Maricona Way
Basement Renovation Ottawa - Maricona Way

Basement Renovation Ottawa – Maricona Way

The Renosgroup worked with the Basement Renovation Ottawa – Maricona Way project gave Renosgroup versatile options to work with. Our team of professional designers and planners established a plan that would be best suited for the particular project. All remodeling changes made were after considering all the factors that were there before us. Our dedications to delivering premium quality services are evident in the project of Maricona Way, Ottawa. 

The beautiful layout of Maricona Way, Ottawa basement, gave us plenty of space to work with. Our team of experts established a well-designed plan that brought the true artistic value of the basement to life. The plan was to create a gymnasium in the basement, and thus our renovation plan revolved around this particular idea. 

We laid out vinyl flooring across the basement, which is an effective choice of flooring, especially for gyms. Not only are they water resistant, but they are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. They are also resistant to molds and mildew, making them amongst the best options for places with fewer ventilation, such as basement gyms. 

We painted the walls white and added trims around them to create small detailing in the basement. For lighting, we incorporated ambient lighting to provide a uniform amount of lighting throughout the basement. We also decided to install task lighting over the snooker table. The pendant-hung fixture not only created an elegant aura for one to play games but provided great vision and orientation. 

The Renosgroup services has become a household name after working in the house renovation industry since long. We have also worked with many known brands for their renovation in this span of time.Our dedication, timely, and quality work has made us popular amongst the people.If you wish to get consultations or quotations from us, you can fill out our online form or call us at (613) 727-9427.

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