Pondhollow Way, Ensuite Bathroom

How to choose the perfect bathtub
How to choose the perfect bathtub

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Pondhollow Way

The ensuite bathroom renovation done in Pondhollow Way, Barrhaven, was one of our best renovations of all time. For this bathroom, we started by working on the flooring. For the floor, tiles were our best bet. The tiles we chose for this bathroom were marble-styled tiles with a brown color scheme. Once we were done with the flooring, our next step was to work on the Jacuzzi.

The Stand-alone tub we chose was a white-colored sleek acrylic tub with a faucet in the middle. The room where it was installed, we also installed a window with white sills, giving the tub enclosure a perfect look. The bathtub was one of the best parts of the whole ensuite bathroom and was not only a very relaxing enclosure but also a very luxurious one.

Once this was done, our next step was to work on the bathroom enclosure. For this, we installed drywall on the walls that came together to form a room. Once those were put up, we installed a dual-flush toilet. We also added a separate door to this enclosure which was white colored with a golden knob.

After working on the tub and toilet section, we started working on the tiled shower. For the tiled shower, we installed new flooring that was of checkered tiles. These tiles were also used on the walls of the shower space. With this, we also installed a shower bench in the shower enclosure as well as faucets. Our team also added a removable hand shower for the place and later enclosed the enclosure with hexagonal-shaped glass walls.

Once this was done, we started working on the sink area. For the sink, we installed two sinks with huge vanity. The sinks were installed on a white acrylic countertop, and the vanity was a similar color as well.

With all the elements completed, this ensuite bathroom in Pondhollow Way, Barrhaven, looked much more put together. If you also want an ensuite bathroom like this one, call Renosgroup right now for a free quote by filling out this online form or calling us at (613) 727-9427.

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