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Home Addition Costs in Ottawa

Do you want to add square footage to your garage, or finish your basement but aren’t sure about the price? Then you’re in the perfect place. At RenosGroup, we pride ourselves on educating our customers. That’s why we’re completely transparent about our rates. We’re also upfront about what you should expect to pay for home […]

Home Renovation Costs in Ottawa

If you’ve decided to renovate your home, you have a huge decision to make. It would be best to find skilled contractors that you can trust with your most precious asset, your home. This can certainly affect your home renovation costs If you select poorly, you risk incurring severe damages to your house. These include: […]

Poorly Planned Bathroom Renovations

Every Year Thousands of Home Owners are Financially Devastated by Poorly Planned Bathroom Renovations. If you’re planning on renovating your entire bathroom you may be tempted to hire an independent contractor or a jack-of-all-trades to keep your costs down. Unfortunately, these individuals are often mediocre at many things and experts at nothing. Remember…just because it’s […]

Where to Stay During a Home Renovation in Ottawa

Are you about to undergo a major home renovation in Ottawa with us at RenosGroup? If so, you may want to find somewhere to stay during the construction temporarily. Why’s that? Because significant renovations involve lots of noise and distractions. For example, if we’re adding on to your home, you will hear lots of sawing, […]

The Best Home Renovations Kanata Has to Offer

Do you need home renovations in the fast-growing neighborhood of Kanata? If so, then you need to get in touch with us at RenosGroup. We offer extensive home renovation services for your home in Kanata. These include renovations for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more. Also, we excel in mobility renovations for Kanata and surrounding areas. […]

The Best General Contractor in Ottawa

If you live in the Ottawa area and need a general contractor, you’ve probably searched for these words. Well, the good news is that you’ve landed on the best here at RenosGroup. We’re general contractors in Ottawa that provide extensive remodeling services. We specialize in kitchens, basements, bathrooms, and more. Our team is trustworthy, educated, […]

Don’t Let Your Mobility Limitations Chase You Out of Your Home

Make your home safer more accessible and easier to live in with well thought out mobility renovations.  A survey by the American association of retired persons found 90% of people age 65 to 74 would like to live out their years in their current homes. Yet many homes are still ill suited for the physical […]

Basement Renovations Are Often Overlooked

Many homeowners often leave their basements unfinished, or use them for storage rather than functionality. Even though basement renovations are often overlooked, the potential to make an incredible basement living space is always there. Whether you’re looking for a fun kid friendly space, a place to entertain friends, a man cave or organized storage, RenosGroup.ca […]

Kitchen Renovation Stress?

“Important decisions are easier when made from the comfort of your own home”   Here’s The Secret to taking the stress out of planning your kitchen renovation Ottawa Being in your home is the only way to precisely design your kitchen. It gives your renovator the opportunity to make note of your ventilation and electrical, […]

Choosing The Right General Contractor in Ottawa

For most homeowners, the most challenging part of beginning a new renovation project is finding a professional, competent and reliable contractor. Choosing the right general contractor can make a significant difference between a successful home renovation project and a complete disaster. We understand that this is a critical first step in your planning process and […]