Basement Renovation Ottawa – Westport Crescent

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Basement Renovation Ottawa – Westport 

Looking for the best place for basement renovations in Ottawa? Then look no further. Our team works across Ottawa, and we are specialized in all kinds of basement renovations. We do it all, from retiling your space to replacing old fixtures. There’s nothing in the world of basement renovations that we can’t do for you. To give you a better idea about our services, here is a brief description of one of our projects of basement renovation at Westport Crescent, Ottawa.

This project was one of our most extensive basement renovations. Our client had a spectacular vision for their basement, and we strived to make everything perfect. We first started by installing vinyl luxury planks all across the basement floors along with subfloor panels. We then soundproofed one of the rooms, which was going to become a studio.

Our client previously struggled with not having enough space for storage. However, they also didn’t want any new cabinets to take up excess space as they wanted the space to have an open plan look as much as possible. As a solution, our team came up with the idea of installing pull-out drawers which were to be placed under the stairs.

Since our clients liked all things artistic, they had always envisioned themselves having a cozy nook in which they could grab a hot beverage and read. So, we created a receding nook underneath the stairs where they could live out this fantasy of theirs.

Apart from that, we also installed an entire functioning bathroom, arts and crafts room, and finally, a small office. This basement went through the perfect renovation and had all the elements needed for the family to enjoy.

Just like this client, your dream basement is just a phone call away. So, there is no need to wait. Call us now at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this form to schedule an appointment immediately!

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