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Kitchen Renovator Ottawa
Kitchen Renovator Ottawa

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Third Ave

We have completed a kitchen renovation in Third Ave, that was extremely challenging as there were a lot of elements that needed to be kept in mind, but our team finished the project with finesse. We started the kitchen renovation by getting a new floor for the kitchen.

For the floor, we went with tiles that were light brown and looked extremely elegant. Once the flooring was done throughout the kitchen, we started working on the other aspects of the kitchen. We started by making cabinetry for storage purposes while leaving enough space in between the cabinets to fit in a fridge.

For the cabinetry, we constructed it in a way that there were cabinets of varying sizes all across the width of the kitchen. The cabinets chosen were white with classic handles, thus looking extremely modern and chic kitchen. Once this portion was complete, we started working on the main kitchen area.

For this, we firstly selected a countertop. For the countertop, we went with an stone countertop. This countertop was installed to make sure there was enough surface area for cooking and preparing food.

The next step we started working on was the stove top area. For this area, too, we installed a similar countertop. Once the countertop was installed, we added cabinets on the bottom side of the countertop. Along with this, we also left space for an oven to fit in. we also installed a dual sink with one single lever faucet as well as installed the same cabinetry we used when we installed the fridge for the top portion of the kitchen. This made the kitchen look more cohesive.

Lastly, we installed hanging light fixtures on both ends of the kitchen, which added a lot of volume to the place. The kitchen renovation done in Third Ave, was definitely a success and if you also want your kitchen to look like that, then call Renosgroup right now for a free quote by filling out this online form or simply call us at (613) 727-9427.

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