Medoc Court, Orleans

Basement Renovation Ottawa - Medoc Court
Basement Renovation Ottawa - Medoc Court

Basement Renovation Ottawa – Medoc Court

The transformation that team of Renosgroup did in Medoc Court, Orleans, is surely one of our biggest projects so far. Not only did our team make sure to renovate the entire basement, but we also constructed a basement bathroom. The result, once this project was shown to our clients, it was truly mind-blowing.

Firstly, for this project, we decided to work on the main part of the basement, which is the flooring. Mostly the subflooring was in good shape, so we decided to change the tiles of the place. The tiles we added were wooden, and when added to the site they gave it a classic modern vibe.

Once this was completed, we painted the walls a soft beige color and ended up painting the edges white. The painting and tiling of the place made the place come alive. After this, the next part of our job was to make custom acrylic walls to create proper rooms within the space.

We installed these walls in the space and painted them the same shade of beige. We also added white doors to certain rooms where our clients required them to be attached. The white doors went very well with the border on the bottom of the floor.

Alongside this, we also constructed a bathroom for this basement. For this basement bathroom, we added a separate shower enclosure with glass walls as well as an extremely fancy sink and vanity. The bathroom, once completed, looked extremely modern.

After this, we were also asked to add a separate room for the washing machines. In this area, we constructed valves by taking prior measurements of the space to be aware of how many places they would fit in. There was also an enclosure in the walls with several sections.

This basement in Medoc Court, Orleans, looked truly outstanding, and if you want your basement to look like this too, then don’t hesitate to call us at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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