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Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Larch Street
Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Larch Street

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Larch Street

One of our recent kitchen renovations was done in Larch Street, for this project, we had to make use of the kitchen space effectively while also ensuring that all the elements of the kitchen were added, thus making it a challenging task.

We started off working on the flooring first and foremost. For the flooring, we decided to go with mosaic tiles that gave the appearance of marble and were extremely elegant. This added the extra oomph to the interior that was much needed. Once the flooring was complete, we moved on to the cabinetry.

For the cabinets, we firstly installed a small stone countertop in the color white. Once that was installed, we then started working around it. We firstly installed cabinetry all around that counter. This included the bottom side of the countertop as well as on its left while leaving a little space to fit in the microwave. For the wall tiles, we went with brick-styled walls in dark brown. With this, one part of the kitchen was completed and looked extremely classy and modern.

We then continued the stone countertop across the other side of the kitchen as well. We also added more cabinetry along the bottom of the countertop and ensured that the kitchen looked much classier. We also left some space to fit in the fridge as well as the oven so that everything seemed in place. The wall tiling of brown tiles was also continued across the wall and added to the kitchen.

The different shades of brown in cabinets, floors, and walls all complemented each other pretty well. Lastly, we ended the kitchen renovation by adding a plain countertop. This was added to increase the surface area to work in the kitchen.

The kitchen renovation done in Larch Street Kitchen was one of our best projects so far, as it had all the elements that left our clients in awe. If you also want to revamp your kitchen, then call Renosgroup right now for a free quote by filling out this online form or simply call us at (613) 727-9427.

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