Weston Drive, Ottawa

Kitchen  Renovation Ottawa - Weston Drive
Kitchen  Renovation Ottawa - Weston Drive

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Weston Drive

The job we did of kitchen renovation in Weston Drive, Ottawa, was a luxurious one. We faced a few challenges during the upgrades, but the end results made everything worth it.

For this kitchen, to start off, we installed a sliding door at the entrance area. This meant that the door of the kitchen was not a classic old, pivoted door but rather a modern one. However, the wood with which it was made gave it a very classic feel.

Once the door was installed, the next step was to get to the flooring. For the floors, we decided to go with light brown tiles that were neutral and added structure without being too overwhelming. They set the tone for the kitchen perfectly.

Once this was done, we made an enclosure for the fridge using custom acrylic walls. This was made because the fridge was of a specific size, and a compartmental area was dedicated specifically to ensure it fits in the kitchen well.

We then decided to get to work on the countertop, for which we decided to stick with marble. The marble countertop was dark brown and complemented the brown tones throughout the kitchen. After the countertop was installed, we also got to cabinetry.

The cabinetry was installed both below and above the countertop. The cabinets were of a chestnut brown color with white knobs as handles and gave off a classy vibe. Alongside this, we also fit an oven with custom acrylic glass between the cabinetries.

Once all these changes were done, we installed a dual sink in the kitchen with a single lever faucet to accommodate washing dishes. We also installed a light fixture right above the sink. In all honestly, the kitchen looked extremely modern and aesthetic and truly left our clients in shock.

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