Basement Renovation Ottawa – Georgina Dr

Basement Renovation Ottawa - Georgina Drive
Basement Renovation Ottawa - Georgina Drive

Basement Renovation Ottawa – Georgina Drive

Gone are the days when basements used to be just spaces with no real purpose. Basements are now much more than that. They can be a living space, an extra room, an office space, or even a study. The limit is the imagination, truly. To convert your empty basement into a much more breathable space, RenosGroup is the perfect choice to stick by. Not only do we have skilled workers on board, but also our team’s efficiency has proven to be excellent time & again.

One such basement renovation performed by us was done in Georgina Dr, Ottawa. This Basement Renovation Ottawa – Georgina Dr was a true dream come true for our client. Earlier, the basement was a completely barren space without any flooring, no proper ceiling, lighting, or storage space whatsoever.

Our team started working on this project, and the very first step we performed was to design it in a way that it could accommodate two separate rooms as well as a bathroom. We also made sure that the staircase entrance was kept in mind while planning, to not make it abrupt and look weird, but rather make it seem planned out.

Once we decided on a plan, our second step was to install new flooring. For this basement, we decided wooden flooring would be just the way to go. We floored the entire area, and after completion, the basement looked modern, chic, and cozy – exactly how we wanted it to look.
The second step was installing a false ceiling to cover up the open ceiling space. We also added some delicate light fixtures that are durable and give the room a very aesthetic appeal – making it look glorious in its simplicity.

After that, we set up some drywall and made divisions for the rooms. Once this was done, a good structure for the area was ready. We then went on with painting the walls a neutral white. White was also used on the doors in a way to make the area feel more spacious and cohesive. All in all, the white walls, with classic doors, proper room divisions, a hidden ceiling, and wooden flooring, were needed to make this plain old basement into a classic living space!

This basement’s look changed drastically. It went from being a room people hardly wanted to be into being a room people never wanted to leave. To make your basement also looks similar to the one in Basement Renovation Ottawa – Georgina Dr, call on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form.

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