5 Uses for a Coach House

Although coach houses were primarily used for one thing back in the day – housing the horse and carriage – today, that extra detached space from the home can be transformed into a number of different ideas. Whether you have a kid returning home for college, an ageing parent who needs to be cared for or even if you’re in need of a separate home office space that’s free from distractions, a coach house can be extremely convenient to have. To find the best idea for your situation, here are a few different uses for a coach house to consider.

Keep Aging Parents Close By

If your ageing parents or a widowed parent needs to be cared for, you can keep them close to home while giving them (and yourself) enough separate space to live in. This allows you to provide the assistance they need while allowing them to still maintain some independence. You can keep an eye on them and enjoy the comfort knowing that they’re only a few steps from home if they need you.

Space For Eldest Child

Do you have a child returning home from college? Or maybe your eldest child is ready to take the first steps in living on their own? Your coach house could be the perfect space to transform into a separate apartment suite to give your child the independence they’re seeking before they are fully ready to take on the responsibilities of living completely on their own.

An Income Suite

If you don’t have any kids or ageing parents to house, then why not make some extra side cash by creating an income suite? By converting your coach house into an apartment, you can rent it out and enjoy the benefits of extra income.

Home Office

With more people working from home these days, having a separate space to get work done can be extremely beneficial. Trying to work amidst the flurry of activity at home can be a challenge. But with a few renovations, you can create your very own cozy office space just a few steps from your front door. So you can close the door behind you and leave the distractions in the main home while you get down to business.

Visitor’s Suite

If you’re located in a popular spot for friends and family to visit, the coach house can be the perfect spot for them to stay in. This lets them come and go as they please without completely encroaching on your personal space.

There are so many different handy uses for a coach house. So if you’re lucky enough to own one on your property, consider some of these ideas for transforming it into something that can truly be useful and beneficial to you. And when you’re ready to get started, contact us or give us a call at (613)727-9427. Our professional contractors can help with any of your household renovation projects.

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