Revitalize Your Fireplace

The fireplace is always a focal part of any room. If it begins to deteriorate over the years and look outdated, it can affect the entire design of the surrounding room. Small noticeable signs of wear and tear, such as broken and discoloured tiles, stone, or fixtures that are hanging off or stained by soot over the years can really look unattractive. Plus, if it’s an old fireplace that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it could endanger your health.

So why not make the effort to spruce up your interior by revitalizing your fireplace? It really can crank up the beauty and design of your entire living room. Use these tips to help get inspired.

Reface with Stone

If the current surround of the fireplace has old, worn brick, the best (and easiest) way to tackle that refacing project is by using stone. Not only does stone look great and provide that timeless character and warmth to your home, but it’s also very simple to install. You can use stone panels, which can be directly installed over the existing brick. Refacing with stone is straightforward and you can choose from a variety of styles and colours.

Reface with Granite

Granite looks elegant and luxurious. It’s a feature that designers and homeowners are in love with. And there’s no better place to show it off than your fireplace. Granite and similar stone surfaces like marble compliment any fireplace and they are fire resistant so no need to worry about that heat affecting them.

Add a Mantle

If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantelpiece over it, this is a great way to enhance the look and really provide that statement piece. There are so many options available. You can go for big and bold, rustic and cottage-like, or sleek and contemporary. Mantels really allow you to get creative with the design.

Reach for the Ceiling

One popular look that many homeowners are in love with lately is the grandeur look of floor to ceiling panels. What better way to extenuate that focal feature? You can choose from large stones, small stones, and play with the elements of texture while really enhancing the ambience of the room.

Add The TV

If you’re worried about where you should place the TV, why not above the fireplace? You can incorporate it into the design so you don’t have to make any sacrifices.

When your fireplace has reached a point where it no longer enhances a room, but rather takes away from the rest of your design and living space, revitalizing it is the best way to boost up your entire décor. So make it a project in the New Year to make your design pop with a new and improved fireplace.

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