Take Advantage of Your Attic – Renovate It

The attic is a reservoir of untapped space. Aside from using it to store away forgotten treasures and old junk, you can take advantage of it by creating a functional space that you and your family can actually use and enjoy. All you need is a little imagination. So if you’ve been eager for more space at home without the hassle of moving or placing a new addition onto your home, here are a few inspiring ideas that show how the attic can become the perfect space to use.

Take Advantage of Existing Space

If you’re looking to expand your space, it’s always best to look up before you start looking outside and elsewhere. Taking advantage of your attic means you can also avoid having to add on an additional roof and walls that would be necessary for a home addition. This makes it a much easier renovation project to conduct and can often be completed in much less time.

Take Advantage of Energy Savings

We all know that attics, for the most part, are very neglected. After all, they’re not exactly the most inviting space to use prior to being renovated. And even though most attics have insulation, the reality is that it’s often not enough to really keep your home airtight from energy leaks. But by renovating your attic space, insulation will need to be bulked up in order to make it comfortable for you or your family to use and enjoy it. With the increased insulation, that equates to fewer drafts and a more comfortable home, which can lower your monthly energy bills.

Take Advantage Of The Natural Light

The attic also usually offers an abundance of natural light, and by installing a skylight or two, you can really maximize it and create a bright, fresh and inviting space.

Get Creative

You can really get creative with the attic space, especially with the unique design, thanks to the roof. You can create your own luxurious Zen room where you get to relax away from the kids and noisy television. Or, you can explore so many other options like a new bedroom for your eldest child, or even a play den for the kids to enjoy. The options are endless!

So if you’ve been looking to expand your current living space, the answer might be right above you. Take advantage of your attic by renovating it into whatever space you need. And when you’re ready to get started, contact us or give us a call at (613)727-9427. Our expert contractors have the knowledge and expertise to transform your attic into a warm and inviting room in your home.

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