When to Redecorate, Renovate, or Build an Addition

So you’ve outgrown the style or size of your home! Maybe there’s a new addition to the family who will need their own room, or maybe you haven’t had the chance to redecorate since the kids moved out. Any type of change in your life normally requires some sort of transformation in your home. We’ve come up with some guidelines for when to redecorate, renovate or home addition.

Try to Redecorate

Before doing anything too drastic, try redecorating your space. To make sure that you’re taking full advantage of the space that you have, take the time to analyze the amount of furniture in the room. Start off your redecoration by removing any furniture in the room that is unused. Get rid of that extra recliner in the corner, or that clunky side table that stores nothing important.

Give it away to a secondhand store or to someone who could benefit from it. It is simply taking up space in your home! Next, throw out the extra knick-knacks that you have lying around and find storage for the important things. Adding shelves to your walls is a great way to save space and display your books and decorations.


Still not satisfied with your space after redecorating? You can also consider home renovation. You can completely change your living and dining areas by removing a wall and creating an open concept space. You can also give the illusion of more space without having to tear down any walls by changing a regular window to a bay window. Another great way to use the space in your home to its full potential is to finally get around to completing that basement renovation. Adding bedrooms and bathroom to your basement is the perfect way to add space without having to build an addition.  If the kids have moved out, consider changing a room from a bedroom to a useful office or guestroom.


So you’ve done it all, and you’re still not satisfied with your space. Maybe it’s time to consider an addition to your home. If your budget allows for it, an addition will provide you with the space that you and your family need for your ever-growing needs.

Remember that if you’re looking to make changes to your home, there are always options for any budget. By considering all of your options, you will find the most suitable way to make the best of your space and money. Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 for a free estimate!

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