Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – South Sunset Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – South Sunset Drive

To provide you with a better understanding of our team’s experience, here is a brief description of one of our bathroom renovations at South Sunset Drive, Ottawa. This project was an interesting one as we were working with a very small amount of space. We were tasked with the job of replacing all installations within the bathroom, and so we got to measuring.

We started off with the shower area, where there was previously no bathtub. We began with retiling the shower walls to match the theme of the sink that our client wanted us to install. We then ensured to use the space as efficiently as possible while keeping with the vision of the client. Hence, we installed a one-person acrylic tub. The walls of the tub were then also tiled with the same tiles used for the shower walls. These tiles had a custom pattern with a contrast strip going across them for design purposes.

We then got to installing the toilet and the sink. Again, to keep with the theme, the toilet installed was of custom white acrylic. We even created a peach faux overhead ceiling on top of the sink and installed a contemporary lighting fixture. To ensure that the space does not look cluttered, we installed minimalistic stainless steel shower faucets with pipework hidden inside the wall and installed a custom shower curtain railing for privacy.

At Renosgroup, we specialize in providing top-tier bathroom renovations without our clients having to worry about space. So, don’t hesitate and schedule an appointment by filling out this form. You can also contact us at our number, which is (613) 727-9427.

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