Basement Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Mailes Avenue, Ottawa

Basement Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Mailes Avenue, Ottawa

Usually, many of our clients don’t go for fancy bathroom renovations, especially for basements. However, the project we did for basement bathroom renovation at Mailes Avenue, Ottawa, was more on the luxurious side and, when completed, looked like a dream come true.

Firstly, for this bathroom, we started working on the flooring. The flooring is an important part of any bathroom, which is why for this bathroom; we chose brown tiles with a dark brown pattern made on top of them. This looked extremely classy and structured and gave the bathroom an edge.

Next, we started working on the shower area. For the shower, we went for a specific enclosure. For this reason, we firstly got two custom glasses made across the measurement from floor to ceiling. Once these were installed in the bathroom, the shower enclosure was established. We then tiled the shower enclosure area walls with brick-styled tiles in grey and white colors.

With this done, the shower enclosure stood out and made the place look much more organized. We then installed a faucet in the enclosure as well as a rain head shower. Along with this, a removable hand shower was also added for our client’s convenience.

Once this enclosure was complete, we then moved on to the sink portion of the bathroom. For the sink, we went with a porcelan sink and a wall hung vanity as well. Porcelain is easy to clean and maintain while also looking very classy. We also added a round basin sink that was under-mounted. This was accessorized by adding a faucet as well as a round mirror that had a brown wooden border that greatly complemented the walls.

Lastly, we added light fixtures on top of the sink that added to the place, as well as a storage container right beside the sink.

Once the basement bathroom renovation at Mailes Avenue, Ottawa was completed, the place looked much more organized. If you also are looking for a similar bathroom revamp, then call Renosgroup right now for a free quote by filling out this online form or simply call us at (613) 727-9427

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