Basement Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Trelawny Private

Basement Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Trelawny Private

Renosgroup is committed to helping achieve many of our clients’ dream renovations. Bathroom renovations may appear like an easy task; however, a lot goes into their planning and remodeling. Our team of designers and planners is not only considerate of what is asked of them but is dedicated to coming up with many astonishing designs that will amaze them. At Trelawny Private, Ottawa, we were asked to do an extensive basement bathroom renovation that would align with the style and chic look of the rest of the house.

While planning the color schemes for the bath, we decided to go for warm-toned tiles to give the chilly bathroom a warmer aspect. Since basements normally have low ceilings, we decided to go with marble-tiled walls to enhance the space. Their durability in wet environments and friendly pricing helped our clients achieve the elegance they were seeking.

The vessel sink was a stylish choice made by our planners that sat above the countertop and is potentially more comfortable to use. The basement bathroom at Trelawny Private, Ottawa, had pretty standard dimensions, and our goal was to make the room as spacious as possible. We added glass doors since they are durable, easy to clean, and effectively trap water inside the shower stall.

The three essentials for the basement bathroom lighting that we kept in mind while working at Trelawny Private, Ottawa, were task, ambient, and accent lighting. We were to decide between LED strips or wall scones to add finishing touches to the space. We decided to install wall scones that not only provided plenty of lighting for grooming but added style and décor to the bathroom as well.

To get the above mentioned you can contact the Renosgroup services. We are known in the industry for our dedication and services. We make sure to design the projects keeping your requirements in mind. We provide free in-home consultation where our builders and designers personally visit you, listen to your demands, and build a bathroom of your dreams. You can fill out our online form or giving us a call at  (613) 727-9427 to get quotations.


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