Acacia Ave, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Acacia Avenue
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Acacia Avenue

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Acacia Avenue

If you are looking to get your classic Italian bathroom dream into a reality, this bathroom renovation at Acacia Ave, Ottawa, is a good inspiration. Not only is the bathroom extremely chic and modern, but it is quite literally the epitome of perfection.

For this bathroom, we firstly decided to get new flooring done. This was done by installing new tiles that had a black base with a white flower pattern on top that looked stunning.

Once the flooring was completed, we moved on to installing a Jacuzzi in the bathroom with a faucet in the middle. The Jacuzzi added the perfect luxurious vibe to the space and made the bathroom seem very fancy. Alongside this, we also decided to get new tiles for the wall. For that, we went for brick-styled tiles in white and black with a white base. The brick wall looked amazing and complemented the bathroom greatly. We also installed a dual-flush toilet right beside the Jacuzzi.

After this was done, we custom-made glass walls and installed them adjacent to create a shower enclosure for the bathroom. The custom tiled shower was further made with a new kind of tile flooring that was made of black and white tiles. We also added a rain head shower and a removable hand shower for the enclosure.

Our next agenda was to work on the sink for this bathroom. For the sink area, we stuck with dual sinks, both of which were round and under-mounted on the acrylic countertop. This countertop was extremely classy and gave the appearance of wood. After that, the vanity was installed and attached with gold knobs on the drawers. As a finishing touch, we also installed two round mirrors for each of the sinks as well as light fixtures.

This bathroom, when completed, looked amazing and if you too want your bathroom to look like this then you can reach out to the Renosgroup at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for further details.

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