Egress Window Ottawa – Edwin Crescent

Egress Window - Edwin Crescent, Nepean
Egress Window - Edwin Crescent, Nepean

Egress Window Ottawa – Edwin Crescent, Nepean

An egress window provides safe means of escape for the home occupant to help them protect against any kind of disaster. They also have plenty of other benefits, such as allowing natural light in the room and providing adequate ventilation. The Egress Window Ottawa – Edwin Crescent project hired the Renosgroup to build an egress window from scratch.  

Our constructors and planners have adequate experience in home addition projects, and because of that, the egress window requirements with the locality are carefully considered. Since we wanted to install an egress window in a wooden frame wall, there weren’t any specific structural requirements to be made. We excavated outside the basement wall in the window location and created a deep window well. This provided us with full access to the window.

We cut through the masonry wall and reinforced the foundation, and nailed the surfaces for the egress window installation. We created wooden surfaces for the walls of the egress window. 

We decided to go for the sliding window for the enclosure of the window. 

The Renosgroup services not only works on aesthetics, but also safety. We provide infrastructures that prevent you from disasters and at the same time looks beautiful and gives a homely feel to your house.To avail our services you need to fill out our online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427. We make sure that while providing you safety through our renovations, we do not compromise on the aesthetics of your house.

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