Lucile Avenue, Ottawa

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Lucile Avenue
Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Lucile Avenue

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Lucile Avenue

The kitchen renovation in Lucile Avenue, Ottawa came with a lot of challenges, but our team at Renosgroup made it possible for the project to be done as per the client’s requirements.

For this project, we firstly decided to change the flooring of the whole kitchen. In our opinion, the flooring is the most important part of the place, which adds a lot to the overall aesthetic. For this reason, our team decided to go for a wooden tile. The wooden tile not only looked classy but also added depth to the place.

Once we were satisfied with the flooring, our next task was to ensure the cabinetry was done to perfection. The cabinets we chose for this particular kitchen were a tad bit different than others. Firstly, they were made out of wood and thus complemented very well with the flooring.

Alongside this, the cabinets were not only very spacious but also long in length, thus making sure that storage would not be an issue. It is also important to note that the cabinets, especially those attached to the wall were put in such a way that the view of the window would not be disturbed.

While this was extremely difficult to do, our clients truly appreciated that their window was installed in such an ideal location in the kitchen. Alongside that, we installed the window with white panes as well. The window added the extra oomph to the entire place.

Furthermore, we added a marble countertop to the kitchen. The marble countertop was light brown in color, and thus contrasted well with the wooden cabinets. We also installed a double sink that was under-mounted with a single lever faucet.

Later, we installed the oven and microwave (provided by the client) in the places that we had specifically designated for those appliances, when designing the outlook of the kitchen.

This kitchen truly looked dreamy and if you too are looking for a kitchen like the one in Lucile Avenue, Ottawa, then call Renosgroup right away at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote

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