Martinique Lane, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Martinique Lane
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Martinique Lane

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Martinique Lane

For this particular bathroom located at Martinique Lane, Ottawa, our team was called in for a partial bathroom renovation. This was only a partial renovation as the clients wanted to work majorly on the custom tile shower that was already in their bathroom but in really bad shape.

Our team made this custom tiled shower to make some very important and necessary changes to their showering lifestyle. Our very first task for this project was to install custom acrylic walls that allowed the team to create an enclosure. Another noteworthy thing is to remember that our team at Renosgroup also helped us build a step that needed to be cemented to make it easy to enter the tiled shower.

Once a specific space was allocated for the enclosure, the next step was to get the flooring completed. For the flooring, we went with tiles that had polka dot bubbles and were in light blue. The colors were fairly neutral and not too overwhelming, thus making it the perfect thing for this space.

After this, we decided to work on the wall tiling of the shower enclosure. For the wall tiling, we went with vertical brick-shaped tiles. The walls contrasted well with the floor as they both had light tinges of the other color. The tiling process was a huge success, and once this was completed, we worked on the drainage system for the bathroom.

The drainage system included building a drainage point in the middle of the bathroom to allow for any excess water to not stay stagnant and dry up. Once completed, the bathroom looked stunning. It also was extremely convenient for our users. Overall, the tiles, floors, and compact space all complemented each other pretty well.

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