5 Summer Design Trends

5 Summer Design Trends

Interested in new design trends for your home this summer? You are not alone! Every year new and exciting changes happen to how we approach interior design. Below we list five exciting design trends that you should consider as we enter the home renovation season. You may be surprised at some of the trends interior decorators are working on right now.

1. The Fireplace

In the past few years, it was all about incorporated technology into the living room. This year, the most recent summer design trend is to shy away from technology completely and emphasize the fireplace instead. Doing so creates a central point to the entire living room that is cozy and heartwarming. Akin to Frank Lloyd Wright’s use of the fireplace as the focal point to the house, the re-emphasis on the fireplace is critical.

Summer Design Trends

2. Bathroom Mirrors That “Wow”

Every year, different parts of the home become the “statement piece.” A popular statement piece for this year includes the bathroom. In particular, the mirror is turning into a popular statement piece. Shaped akin to other objects in the wallpaper, tiling, or more, the bathroom is a great place to add a little fun.

3. The Return of the Dining Room

Formal dining rooms are making a popular return. With space in a home dedicated to eating and enjoying one another’s company, the dining room is increasing in popularity as people convert back the space. While most people typically turn them into offices, there has been a return to the eating space in the most recent summer design trends.

4. Strategically Heated Flooring

More recently bathrooms have become the battleground for heated floors. Considered a luxury and a must by anyone who experiences them, the heated floors have turned out to be quite popular. The most recent summer design trend take on this is heated entryways. The toasty floor helps you to warm up your feet and keep what is typically the coldest part of your home nice and comfortable. Now you may be thinking: “heated floors in the summer?” But the frosty fall and winter months are just around the corner and you want to be prepared!

5. The Retro Kitchen

Typically in brighter and more exuberant colours, the retro kitchen has exploded in popularity as a leading design for this summer. Utilizing a mix of creativity, 50s inspired appliance, and more, the retro kitchen provides a classic feel that is jaw dropping. The retro kitchen includes making changes to the cabinets and stepping away from the stainless steel trend that has dominated kitchen design in the past few years. Look to experienced interior designers and vintage magazines to help inspire where you take this trend.

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