6 Fall-Inspired Decor Changes for Your Home

6 Fall-Inspired Decor Changes for Your Home

As the summer season starts to slowly dwindle down, at least we can look forward to the cozy and colourful autumn season that’s just around the corner. Fall is also an ideal time to jump into any needed renovations or redecorating to spruce up your home and incorporate some fresh seasonal flair into your space. Whether you’re looking to change up your living room, bedroom or an entire home, here are some of our top fall-inspired decor changes for your home to consider this season.

Spruce Up the Front Porch

If you love the array of colours that comes with the fall time, focus on giving your porch some attention to clean it up and add décor to make it look fall fresh. Pumpkin lined steps, big urns filled with autumn foliage, potted mums, wheat wreaths or updated cushions for your porch furniture are a few simple ways to give your entranceway a makeover while adding an extra inviting and cozy touch to your home. If the porch is looking a little worn, sanding, repainting or making any repairs can make all the difference in keeping your home looking clean and well-maintained, especially before the holiday get-togethers start. Put your best foot forward when greeting family, friends, and guests during the season with a fresh and update entranceway.

Fall Table Dressings 

Your coffee table or dining room table is the perfect blank canvases to really get into the fall season décor. You can create a focal table feature by combining colourful gourds, leaves, miniature pumpkins, pinecones, and even some painted branches to make an eye-catching display. Or you could use a runner along the length of the table and neatly place your items along with some candles placed in the center. This is guaranteed to put you into the autumn spirit and add some earthy splashes of colour to your home. All you have to do is invite your family or friends over so you can show it off!

Switch Up Your Textiles

Once the summer heat starts to fade, it’s time to get out all your cozy sweaters and swap out your summer textiles. When the seasons change, switch up the fabrics in your living room, on your favourite reading chair, and bedroom. Having thick and warm throws around the house, on the couch and bed with a fall pallet can make your home look and feel inviting instantly. And of course, they’ll keep you warm and snug during those chilly autumn nights.

Light It Up

Since the evenings start to get darker earlier on during this time of year, there’s no better time to add some unique lighting features into your home. You could update your light sconces, add a lamp or two to any darker corners or even string some lights around your reading nook to many it cozier. You could even get creative and place small string lights inside some mason jars and place them around your tabletops for some extra sparkle. Lighting features can really set to the tone and ambiance of a space. If your place is feeling a bit cold, bare, and uninviting, consider how you can incorporate new lighting to add more warmth to your home this season.

Freshen Up Furniture

If some pieces of furniture are looking a bit worn and outdated, browse through fall flea markets before they shut down for the winter. There are always unique treasures and refurbished pieces that are offered at amazing prices. And if you’re limited on your budget, don’t swap out everything. Just focus on whatever is most pressing. You can even create a DIY project and refurbish some old pieces of furniture yourself!

Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a very high traffic area which means it can get worn down pretty quickly. If your kitchen has been screaming for an upgrade, the fall time is one of the best seasons to do it. Without the intense heat and humidity, or frigid cold from winter just yet, fall is perfect for taking on any major projects like a kitchen renovation. It’s always a popular time for homeowners to tackle reno projects, especially before the holiday season officially kicks off. Plus, with the kids back at school, it’ll be easier to manage. So, consider what areas of your kitchen are in need of updating before the Christmas season arrives.

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