8 Things You Should Look for in an Ottawa Contractor

8 Things You Should Look for in an Ottawa Contractor

When you’re ready to transform your home into something that you’ve been dreaming of, it’s important to make sure you’re placing it in the hands of a qualified contractor. Choosing the right one can make all the difference, especially when it comes to the quality of workmanship and the level of collaboration and transparency you receive. To ensure you’re hiring the best for your home, here are some important things you should look for in an Ottawa contractor.


Your home is your biggest investment, so when it comes to performing renovations, experience matters. You need experienced contractors who know what they are doing and that have a team they work well with. Many obstacles can arise during home renovation projects, and when they do, you’ll want someone who knows how to handle them. This way, you will receive the best outcome and can still remain within your budget.

Good References

Strong, solid references are very important to have before deciding who to hire. References will let you know whether the contractor is worth your money and trust. Any professional and reputable contractor will have
numerous references from previous jobs and clients that show their level of workmanship, customer service, and ability to work with their clients. Most contractors today should have a website or Facebook page with testimonials for you to read through.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail also matters when you’re looking for a contractor. You want someone who won’t cut corners or rush the job. Even minor errors can end up costing you more to repair down the road. A good contractor is thorough and organized with a thorough overview and agenda of what to do each day while tracking the progress during the reno. Keep an eye out for this when looking at reviews.

A Fixed Address

You don’t want to end up hiring a contractor who operates out of their vehicle, with no fixed business address. Make sure to ask for an address and do your research to see if it exists. If there isn’t one, this could leave you vulnerable if something goes wrong and you can’t track them down to dispute a shoddy job.

Good Communication Skills

Even if a contractor has meticulous workmanship, if their communication skills are lacking, it can ruin your entire experience and even impact the job. Good, clear, and courteous communication is fundamental for a successful renovation. There should be transparency, trust and professionalism right from the start. So pay attention to how they conduct themselves from the moment you contact them. Do they promptly reply? Do they ask questions to understand more about the details of your project? Do they keep you informed about any changes or problems? These are key things to look out for when scanning testimonials.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Even if it’s a minor project that you need done, problems can still occur and someone could get injured on the job. That’s why you should only hire a contractor with Workers Compensation Insurance. This insurance provides medical benefits and wages to workers who get injured while at work. This means they can’t sue you for damages or hold you responsible. In some cases, contractors may be automatically covered, but this can vary in different jurisdictions. Always ask and get confirmation that the contractor is covered with the WCB/WSIB to protect yourself from any unforeseen legal complications.

Liability Insurance

Homeowners can also land in legal jeopardy and be held liable if the contractor injures someone or damages any part of your property during the renovation. This can lead to expensive repairs and legal fees. This is another reason to look for liability insurance that will protect you against being blamed for actions, injuries and damages caused by the contractor. Any contractor you hire should carry valid liability insurance.

Business and Professional Licenses

Home renovations can be dangerous which is why they require professionals who are thoroughly trained and skilled in order to do them safely and correctly. This is why licenses are required for certain occupations, including contractors who conduct property improvements. If you hire a contractor who isn’t licensed, they could be unqualified and end up leaving you with more errors to fix. A business license shows they have adhered to a regulatory framework that allows them to operate as a business, and a professional license proves that they have the professional skills to carry out the required work safely.

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