10 of the Most Popular Reno Requests We Get Come Fall

Most people think home renovations slow down after the summer months, but not for us! Each year when fall comes along, our phones keep ringing non-stop with requests for home improvements. With the extreme cold weather conditions just around the corner, people in the area start to look for ways to better equip their homes for the winter months. In fact, fall is one of the most popular months to upgrade your home, and we’ll show you why in this article. Read on for an inside look into some of the most popular reno requests we get come fall.


Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the heart of the home — when it gets renovated, it’s intrusive. That’s why fall is the best time to have your kitchen redone. You can open up the windows and let the fresh air in and construction dust out as the temperatures are mild. It’s also easier to get the work done when the kids are back at school.


Bathroom Renos

People often ask us why we believe fall is the perfect time to redo your bathroom space. We tell them it’s because the holidays are fast approaching and guests and family are more likely to visit, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a fresh new space for everyone to see? Plus, when winter rolls around you don’t want any freezing cold weather delaying any of your remodelling work. When you renovate in the fall, you can get everything ready before winter comes and slows down your progress.


New Insulation

Insulation is a very popular request come fall. Upgrades will leave you cozier come winter time when the temperatures start to drop off. New insulation can also reduce the risk of mould, mildew, and dry rot that commonly form when the outside temperature becomes colder than the indoors, creating condensation in your home.


Mobility Improvements

With shorter days and icy conditions come winter time, we receive a number of phone calls to reduce the hazards around the home. By adding safety products and installing materials that improve accessibility, we can make a home safer for those with mobility and visibility issues. This includes non-slip tape, non-slip floor coverings, easy to grip handrails, wider doorways, easy to reach light switches, and others home accessories. With just a few modifications we can help you feel more comfortable in your own home.


Heated Floors

That old plush carpet may help keep your home warm, but it also traps dirt and mould in the fibres. That’s why many people are switching to heated flooring. Under-floor heating provides even heating across the floor so you can stay warm all winter long. Best of all, this type of flooring doesn’t affect indoor air quality as other types do.



If you own a wood burning fireplace, you may want to replace it and fast! Not only do they create harmful pollutants in your home, but they are also a fire concern and tend to lose more heat than today’s common gas or electric fireplaces. That’s why we get plenty of calls to install electric fireplaces in the fall. The electric fireplace is not only more energy efficient, it also doesn’t require as much maintenance over time.

Finished Basements

The unfinished basement is another popular fall renovation project. As people buy homes in the spring and summer, they don’t get enough time to start working on the basement until the fall. That’s why we get a number of calls for basement jobs this time of year. Personal gyms, music studios, playroom for the kids, games rooms, offices, and secondary rental units — we do them all and more.


Garage Storage

Did you buy a number of new toys for you and the kids this summer, but now have nowhere to store your basketball nets, ski-dos, pool toys, or bikes in the winter? You’re not alone! Not everyone has space in their home to store away all their personal belongings. That’s where we come in to help renovate your garage to improve functional storage space. Vertical wall shelving, overhead storage racks, fitted wall cabinets, you name it, we can help you organize your garage to fit your car and all your favourite toys come winter.


Exterior Siding

Old and damaged siding only gets worse in the winter. It only takes a few cracks or damaged areas for the freezing cold water and moisture to seep in. Fall is the right time to replace it with more modern styles like cedar and stucco that will keep your home dry all year long.


Windows and Doors

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your window and doors, fall is the best time to do it. The moderate temperature creates the perfect

environment for window and door installations. Plus, getting them replaced now will ensure that you get energy savings come winter time.

If you’re ready to talk about your reno requests come fall, contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427. We can help you plan out your perfect renovation project this season!

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