10 Reasons to do Your Home Renovations in the Winter

It may seem unconventional, but there are reasons to do your home renovations in the winter season rather as opposed to the busier months. Learn how to save money and reduce stress by having your home renovations done in the wintertime.

Faster Permit Process

There are only so many officials working on processing permits for any given area. If you apply for a building permit in the spring and summer, you can expect a delay. Even if you put in a permit in the fall, you might still have to wait for the remaining permits to be processed that are backed up from the warmer months. If you want your permit to go through quickly so that you can start remodeling right away, applying in the winter is your best option.

Less Competition

The busiest time for renovation professionals, designers, and manufacturers are during the warmer months. If you can wait till winter, there will be more available professionals to choose from. This will give you more options and better-negotiating power. And with fewer projects to work, on, the contractors will also have more time to focus on your home and may even get the project completed earlier than planned.

Off-Season Discounts

Many contractors also offer off-season discounts to offset their slower earning months. If you can wait till winter, you’re more likely to find a discount. You might even be able to save more by shopping around the holidays. Construction materials, furniture, and appliances tend to go on sale this time of year. 

Foundation Work Is Easier

If you’re looking to start an addition, the colder months are often better for excavating. The frozen ground and dry air are much easier to work with then muddy and humid soil.

Paint Sets Better

Have you ever tried to paint a wall inside your home on a hot or humid day? Hot temperatures can cause the paint to dry too quickly, developing bumps, blisters, and cracks. With too much water vapor in humid days, the paint can compromise the adhesion of the paint to the surface, resulting in peeling and bubbling paint. The winter is the ideal time of year to paint your home indoors. With a controlled indoor temperature and humidity level, the paint can dry evenly and set properly.

Fumes Are Not A Concern

Many people worry that a winter renovation isn’t safe for their family, however, this is a myth. Contractors have new products and technology that can control and contain the fumes and clean up the projects without ever having to open a window. There’s also been a lot of progress with VOCs. Most indoor, water-based paints are now low-VOC or no-VOC. So if you plan to renovate in the winter, you won’t have to worry about inhaling harmful fumes or dust particles.

It’s A Good Time to Install Hardwood

Regardless of what you might have been told, you should have no issues installing your hardwood flooring in the winter. Moisture is often the biggest cause of wood flooring problems. Installing hardwood in humid conditions can make the floors swell which can cause gaps when the humidity drops. In the winter, the air is drier, and the humidity is more controlled which makes for a better installation. 

It’s Easier to Vacate

With the kids home in the summertime, it’s more difficult to vacate the home for renovations. But in the wintertime, you can time your remodel project around your holidays. That way everything can be done while you’re away on vacation.

Your Home Will Be Ready for the Holidays

If you start an early winter project, you might be able to have it all finished for the holidays. With social gatherings and family Christmas dinner around the corner, an updated home can wow your guests and make them feel more at home.

Renovations Are Done Before Spring

Even if you can’t get it done before the holidays, wouldn’t it be nice to have your new addition already completed before spring? That way you don’t have to worry about turning your home into a construction zone during the nicest months of the year. The work is already finished, and you can enjoy the warmer months as you wish.

Avoid the rush hour traffic of renovating by pushing it out to the wintertime. You’ll save more money, get your project done faster, and can enjoy having all the work done before the warmer months kick in. If you’re ready to get started, set up an appointment today, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 to talk to one of our renovation experts about your next project. Our team at the RenosGroup can take care of all your renovation and design needs from design to inception.

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