Screened Porch Addition – Baseline Road

Screened Porch Addition Ottawa - Baseline Road
Screened Porch Addition Ottawa - Baseline Road

Home Renovation Ottawa – Baseline Road

Porches always have been a part of the dream home. However, porches with no privacy and the scene of neighbors with their constant noise can be quite annoying at times. Therefore, screened porches are the new hype nowadays. They don’t only provide your porch with privacy but also can provide an added feature of security. Furthermore, protection from unwanted bugs and insects is also an added benefit. With our team at Renosgroup, we are skilled in constructing screened porches with the best materials and the most dedicated team present on the spot.

This time, our team was given the task of adding a screened porch to an already present porch which was initially not catering to their privacy and security needs. Not only was this task extremely new for us, but also quite challenging. However, our team knew just the way around it.

For the Screened Porch Addition – Baseline Road, several things needed to be kept in mind. Firstly, this addition was to be built in front of a porch enclosure. The client also wanted the installation of an entrance door to this screened porch for some extra security.

We started our process by taking the measurements of the already present porch area. Then, we went on to design the area around it – where we would stand some lifted walls and barriers and where there would be windows and the gate.

After the design was ready, we began by working on the windows, which are the most integral part of any screened porch. The windows were made with white window frames and a net that was tinted black. The windows added a classic touch to the porch whilst letting in the fresh air, but they also ensured the privacy of the clients, which is what we aimed for.

Then, as per our client’s request, we added an eavesdropping device within the screened porch and completed the project by adding an entrance door. The entrance door was made from scratch and was constructed with aluminum. A similar white shaded was used to paint the door, and a clear black net interior was used to give it a tinted look. The place looked extremely put together because of the cohesive structure of the entrance door and the windows, and it is safe to say our client for the Screened Porch Addition – Baseline Road was left in awe.

If you are looking for a similar porch and want to make sure you get the best-screened porch for your dream house, Renosgroup is the best place to go. For a free online quote, fill in this online form or call us at (613) 727-9427 to get instant help.

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