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10 Unexpected Kitchen Backsplashes

When you’re planning a kitchen adventure, the only limit in terms of finishes is your creativity. Do you want neon pink cabinets or a bubble wrap backsplash? No one’s stopping you! If you want jaws to drop for the right reasons, though, consider these unexpected kitchen backsplashes for inspiration:


From dark stained pine to rustic reclaimed barn wood, wood adds a warm and natural feeling to the kitchen. It is not ideal behind the range, but can make a stunning accent feature behind the counters or pantry.

Chalkboard Paint

Whether you have an active family on the go, or you’re an avid chef, magnetic chalkboard backsplashes definitely provide a unique look and important function. Write down recipes, pin up pictures, write a grocery list, or leave a little love note. If black backsplash is not your style, chalkboard paint is available in a number of different colours so you can find the perfect fit.

Copper Metal

Copper goes fantastically well in a modern kitchen, but who says it has to be limited to the vent hood? A copper backsplash adds a touch of shone and elegance to your kitchen. For a more rustic look, consider choosing hammered copper for more texture.


The wonderful thing about using mosaic tiles is that each kitchen looks completely unique. Gather china from old plates, your friends, yard sales, and second-hand stores. Then have some fun smashing away and composing a mosaic out of the pieces.

Wine Corks or Bottle Caps

While this may not be suitable for an entire kitchen, the backsplash around the bar area would be enhanced with sliced wine corks or bottle caps. Plus, it’ll be a lot of fun to collect the materials…

Stained Glass

Use circular pieces of stained glass to add some colour and shine to your backsplash. It may be too costly or time-consuming to create an entire kitchen backsplash out of stained glass pieces, but it works very well as an accent piece in the bar area or behind the range.


Backsplashes don’t need to be made of pre-existing materials. You can blow up an image of your family, or a garden, or a Parisian café – it’s entirely up to you. Photographs can add a vivid angle to any kitchen backsplash.

Whether you would like to choose an unexpected kitchen backsplash or stick with the “tried and true” materials and textures, it’s up to you. Once you’ve made your choice, RenosGroup will execute your kitchen renovation on time and on budget to deliver outstanding results.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427

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