Hottest Basement Trends

Basement renos and remodelling have grown in popularity over the past few years as homeowners become more inclined to make use of that entire square footage. Whether it’s an entertainment hub for the family, a place for the kids to hang out, or your own special spot to have the friends over for cocktails, here are some of 2017’s hottest basement renovation trends that are leading the way this year.

Open Concept

Think the open concept has passed? Think again! When it comes to basement floor plans, the open concept is a keeper. Tearing down those dividing walls and taking advantage of the expansive space is not only beneficial from a design standpoint, but also for promoting air flow and allowing as much natural light to filter in from the windows.

An Integral Part of the Home

In the past, the basement was often a forgotten space. It was commonly used for storage, setting up an extra spot for extended family to stay during the holidays, or an unfinished den where your teenage kids would retreat to with their friends in tow. Well, not anymore.

Now, we’re seeing an increasing trend where homeowners are honing in on that once forgotten space. It’s now being transformed into an integral part of the home and an extension of the upstairs living space. So naturally, you will find just as much attention to detail, design, and décor throughout the basement layout as you would in the main living room.

Home Theatre & Media Room

Some homeowners are even taking full advantage of the basement space by cranking up the luxury factor and adding in elements they can really indulge in like an enclosed home theatre and a media room. This is where the serious media enthusiast can get pampered.

The Basement Bar & Sports Center

Imagine having your own personal sports bar, right in your own home! If you’re bored with the idea of creating another bedroom or zone for the kids, why not make it your own space to kick back and relax with your friends while you take in all the sports action? You can create the ultimate sports lounge with a customized bar, paired with some exceptionally comfy seating, a widescreen to blow your mind, and even a few entertainment pieces like a pool table.

If you can dream it, you can create it – and that goes for your basement. If you’re bored with the idea of wasting it on storage or another bedroom that you simply don’t need, claim that space and transform it into something you truly want. When you’re ready, contact us or give us a call at (613)727-9427 to help keep up to date with the hottest basement trends

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