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Hottest Colour Trends

If you’re tired of staring at the same old colour on the walls in your home, adding in some fresh, modern hues and shades can help spruce it up.  It’s so convenient when you get to switch up your design and décor, even just a tad, to rejuvenate the look of any room. And this year, designers are falling for some serious shades and strong, bold, exotic hues that are 2017’s hottest colour trends so far.

To give you a palette of inspiration when you’re ready to freshen up your home, read on to find out what colours are dominating the interior design world.

Moody Shades And Wallpaper Designs

The bedroom is where we like to cozy up and feel relaxed. And this year, we’re seeing a trend of shades and even wallpaper designs that embody moodier tones, combined with dark wood stains and splashes of colour to set the tone just right. Combinations of navy blue, dark plum, and grays are perfect for getting that cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

“Millennial Pink”

Millennial pink, also known as Windsor pink, is another dominant favourite this year. This combination of peach-salmon offers the perfect blend of colour that in essence, acts as a neutral tone. With both youthful and elegant properties, it can go just about anywhere and for any age group, despite the “Millennial” label.

Autumn Maple

This October, get in on the colour that perfectly embodies everything we love about the fall time. This burnt orange is fresh, spicy, exotic and goes perfectly with darker toned wood and lighter blonde accents.

Black Chiffon

In a similar vein with the moodier tones, Black Chiffon, which looks like a black charcoal mix, is dominating feature walls with many black on black tone layering happening. Dark leather chairs, all black built-in wall units, slate table tops, black vases and flickers of gold accents create a sexy, masculine design that make it impressive for any statement wall.

Deep Emerald

There’s something undeniably mystical about the bluegrass green that’s wrapped up in deep Emerald. It’s an historical colour that embodies sophistication, elegance and that perfect traditional country home vibe that is sure to reignite your love for any room in your home.

The colour palette is proving to be an exciting one among the hottest trends. So why not give your home décor a facelift by getting creative with colour and finding ways to splash in some of these moody and exotic hues into your space this year.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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