4 Priorities when Building a Custom Home

Building a custom home can be one of the most exciting projects you ever invest in – but it can also be one of the scariest. Don’t let stress overwhelm your excitement. If you’re interested in building a custom home, consider these important priorities before you take that next step.

Choose a Reputable Contractor

Nothing is more important than being able to trust the hands that will be constructing your dream home. A custom home is so much more than a bathroom remodel or a weekend renovation project, so it demands a lot of research and investigation. Do your homework and time your time when choosing a home builder. Search online, talk to family and friends, and consult with other pros in the industry to get their expert opinion. You want to ensure that whoever will be conducting the show has the proper set of skills, knowledge, and trade partners to do the job right. Investing time and research for selecting a reputable contractor will give you piece of mind and help avoid any potentially detrimental mistakes in the long run. Meet with several builders in person. Ask for references and examples of past work. Do you get a good vibe from the builder? Remember, building a custom home is going to be a long process that takes cooperation and communication, so you want to gel with the builder in addition to trusting their qualifications.

Use Your Contractor Right From the Get Go

Once you’ve hired someone you feel confident with, use their knowledge and experience right from the beginning. Involve them in the major decisions, such as selection of location and property. They have invaluable information that can help guide you in selecting a property that can save you time and money. Discuss design plans with them before you make final decisions so that they can determine what may or may not be realistic before you get your heart set on an idea.

List Your Priorities

Mapping out a list of what your needs and priorities will be throughout the design will help your contractor – and ultimately, you – make tough decisions when necessary, and allow you to adjust and develop your budget accordingly. Since you are investing a significant sum of money in customizing your home, be sure to consider not only your present needs, but also future needs. Think about the prospect of having children, or even when you’re elderly and can’t climb those stairs like you used to. Flexibility is important!

Create a Budget

After you’ve made a list of what the priorities will be throughout the design, the next step is creating a detailed budget for the project. The sky is the limit in terms of possibilities, but keep in mind that exotic, elaborate designs come with a matching price tag. Fortunately, at we pride ourselves on transparent pricing, we leverage the best possible quotes from our trade partners and suppliers. Consult with your contractor during this process and always leave some extra wiggle room for those unexpected expenses.

If you’re planning to build a custom home in the Ottawa area, consider these priorities before you get started. Do your research and find the right contractor so that you can avoid any headaches, and feel confident about investing in your future.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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