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4 Ways a Breakfast Bar Makes Life Better

Even though the layout and design of kitchens are constantly evolving, one thing’s for sure — it will always be the heart of the home. In previous years, kitchens were much more formal, usually with a separate dining room to sit down and enjoy your meals in. But today, modern designs are continuing to accentuate a more informal, eat-in style to keep up with our increasingly fast-paced lifestyles. But that doesn’t mean they can’t include luxurious touches.  Modern additions like a breakfast bar are simple, practical, and attractive. If you’re eager to get in on today’s savvy design solutions to make your kitchen more functional and eye-catching, here are a few ways that a breakfast bar makes life better.

Provides More Counter Space

One of the biggest issues with kitchen designs is often the lack of counter space. Most countertops are cluttered with appliances and don’t provide enough room to eat or prep meals on. This is where a breakfast bar can really come in handy since it’s incredibly useful when you’re tight on space. Whether it’s prepping a meal, getting work done, or eating, it gives you more room to play with without requiring much space at all.

Allows You to Feel Included

It’s never fun being stuck and secluded in the kitchen when you have friends or family over. But with a breakfast bar, you can eliminate that altogether. Your guests will be able to sit up on the bar stools, and you’ll get to join in on the conversation while you’re getting apps or dinner ready so you can always feel included.

Saves on Space

When you’ve got a small kitchen and dining room area, a spacious breakfast bar can allow you to get rid of your large dining table that just ends up taking up more space without really getting much use. You could think of more efficient ways to use that extra space.

Multi-Task Like a Pro

When you’re getting dinner ready and trying to keep an eye on the kids to ensure they’re doing their homework, it can be challenging to multi-task. But this is another helpful way that a breakfast bar makes life better. You can multi-task like a pro by watching over the kids as they do their work from the counter.

Having an easy, functional, and spacious breakfast bar is one of the most popular trends in kitchen designs today. Not only are they practical and handy when you’re limited on space, but the casual and contemporary notes, in addition to having great looking counter stools, lets you get creative with it and add some interesting visual elements to your entire kitchen design.

When you’re ready to revamp your kitchen with a breakfast bar or need any area of your home updated, give us a call at (613)727-9427. Our professional and experienced team deliver quality workmanship and reliable customer service each and every time. Contact us today to learn more!

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