5 Bathroom Design Styles for You to Consider

Before you dive into a bathroom renovation, you can make your entire process run a lot smoother if you spend a little time beforehand figuring out the design that you’re aiming to achieve. This will make it much easier to select your different features like tiling, vanity, faucets and more, all while determining your budget at the same time. So before getting started, here are a few bathroom design styles for you to consider first.

Efficiency and Small-Scale Luxury

It comes as no surprise that bathrooms are getting smaller. But, as many homeowners are realizing, they still have all the space they need with an efficient design and layout. When you’re limited on room, you have to make every inch count. So consider some design elements that can do just that, such as a floating vanity or a walk-in glass shower that won’t cramp or confine the space.

High-Tech Features

Homeowners are also becoming more interested in upgrading simple areas of the bathroom, such as the toilet. We’ve been sticking with the same old style for years, unlike the Japanese who have fully embraced high-tech designs. Some special features that you can find in modern toilets today include seat warmers, an adjustable air-dryer, automatic opening and closing for the lid, and even a wireless music player. Whether it’s the toilet, showerhead or automatic faucets, it’s time to embrace the future of functional design!

Bringing Back the Brass

Styles that were once popular from the past always end up making a comeback, and now’s the time to re-embrace the gold and brass fixtures! Forget about the idea of tacky 90s style bathrooms. Today, the warm hues of brass and gold work perfectly when paired with other modern elements like cooler tones of grey. Adding in faucets in these hues will make your bathroom look more sleek and luxurious than ever.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones, especially light and medium greys, remain a trendy colour of choice for the bathroom and other areas of the home. This is because they’re not only easy to work with, but they also provide just enough depth while exuding a modern and elegant look.

Organic Undertones

We all enjoy aspects of the natural world around us since it makes us feel more calm and relaxed. This is why you can always find features like wooden and weathered-style furniture and aged fixtures in designs mags. Adding in undertones of warm wooden textures and colours, vibrant greens, and natural stones still seems to remain a favourite practice.

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