5 Essential Elements of a Chef’s Kitchen Renovation

Just because you don’t have your own restaurant, doesn’t mean you can’t feel proud about being the master chef at home. If the kitchen is where you find joy, then why not bring some more love into this space by creating your own chef’s kitchen right at home? You may never get the chance to show off your culinary delights in a five-start Michelin, but really, who cares when you get to be the head chef for your family and friends? If cooking is where your heart lies, then making the effort and investment to create a chef’s kitchen is well worth it.

When you’re ready to spice up your kitchen, make sure to add these 5 essential elements of you chef’s kitchen renovation project.

Ample Amount Of Room

If you ever peak back behind the scenes at a restaurant, often you can see chefs fluttering around the kitchen in an almost orchestrated rhythm. So the first necessary element for a proper kitchen is to have ample amount of room for both you and anyone involved to move around in. Having an open floor layout is essential. If you have partition walls separating your kitchen from your guests in a neighbouring room, think about how you can eliminate them in your design and add in an island instead to place your culinary skills on display as you interact with your loved ones.

Gas Cook Range

For any chef – whether at home or in a restaurant, the stove is often where most of the magic happens. So, naturally, you need it to excel in performance with this appliance. When taking on your chef’s kitchen renovation, don’t skip out of the appliances that matter. Having a gas cook range that operates with a high British thermal unit (that’s above the average 7,000 Btu) provides larger, hotter flames, with a grill to go alongside it.

Chef’s Kitchen Renovation

Large Sink And Extendable Faucet

With the amount of pots and pans getting used up on a regular basis, having at least two large basin sinks is extremely helpful. You can add these features to the island, or simply add them into your current layout. Just be sure to add in an extendable faucet that can allow you to reach the hose into areas easily.

Sufficient Storage To Organize Your Equipment

For a chef, the knives, spatulas, spoons, flambé torch and all of the other gadgets and gizmos that get used on a regular basis are your essential tools. And keeping them organized and stored away properly and conveniently is essential. Keeping the kitchen organized with a flow that makes sense to you is all about adding in those necessary pull-out drawers, Lazy Susan’s and other organizers to keep your tools stored away properly. Keep this in mind during the renovation to incorporate enough cabinetry and units to make your kitchen work for your culinary rhythm.

Finishing Touches

If the kitchen is where you truly feel at home, then make it truly your own by adding in those finishing touches that you love. Install elegant pot lights along the ceiling, place your favourite copper pots on display, add in that luxurious granite countertop you’ve been dreaming of working on.  Make it yours!

Get creative and use these other key elements to help make your dream chef’s kitchen renovation into a reality that you can enjoy everyday at home.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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