5 Ideas for an Amazing Basement Office

There are all kinds of different projects you can tackle when you start to look into ways to transform your basement. Some of them will immediately interest you whereas others may not be all that appealing. On top of that, basement transformation projects can cost a pretty penny without proper planning and organization.

Of all the basement transformation projects out there, from home theatres to income suites, one of the most popular and wise investments is to turn your basement from a dark and dingy space into a fantastic office.

To help you with this kind of project, we’ve put together five ideas that you’ll want to contemplate integrating into your Ottawa basement renovation project.

Build a Basement Office/Bedroom Space

If you want to make the most of the real estate that you have in your home, it’s always a good idea to create “multipurpose spaces” – and that means creating a basement office that has room for friends or family to sleep over. If you create a guest room only, chances are that space will go unused most of the time.

Create a True Business Office Feel

A lot of basement offices feel exactly like that – like an office that has been pigeonholed into the basement – and that isn’t always the most conducive environment for productive work. Think instead about constructing a business office that looks EXACTLY like your dream corner office in that Manhattan high-rise and you’ll find yourself getting a lot more quality work done than you ever would have in a more traditional space. No one says a basement office has to feel like a basement office.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

It’s been proven time and time again that the lighting you have in a space directly impacts your productivity and your mood. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to be getting that much natural light working below ground in a basement!

Use quality lighting fixtures, dimmable lights, and other lighting options that give you complete and total control over the light in your space and you’ll be able to dial it to the ideal setting during your working hours.

Climate Control is Critical

Basements are usually quite a bit cooler than the upstairs space during the summer so you can usually save big time on your air-conditioning bills. They should have climate control technology built right into them so that you hit the perfect temperature and humidity level without any difficulty at all.

Think About Adding a Mini Fridge

Don’t be shy about throwing a mini fridge into your basement office. Even though you’re only down a single floor from your kitchen, you want to be able to have drinks quick at hand so that you don’t have to slow down your productivity or break your flow by trudging upstairs. Nothing beats grabbing a quick drink to fire you up when you’re running a little low on energy!

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