5 Ideas for Your Basement Remodel

Are you a homeowner who has a basement that is dark, gloomy, leaky and gives children nightmares? These days, wasted basements are left for horror movies. With the help of a basement renovation contractor in Ottawa, you can remodel your basement and turn into anything you like. The best part is, in most homes the square footage is so big and there are typically few limitations as long as the ceiling is high enough. If you have an unfinished basement, your home is resting on a goldmine.  Without further ado, here are five great ideas for your basement remodel that may inspire you to finally finish that basement:

Home Office

It is the perfect room it you want peace and quiet. You can carpet the floor, paint the room with a productivity-boosting tone like stimulating red or calming blue. Place an oak desk, an ergonomic leather chair, and of course don’t forget the wireless router. If you have clients coming over for meetings, then you can place a room divider and have a couch and a coffee table placed separately. Talk with your contractor about designing custom shelving to maximize the use of space.

Band Practice Room

If your teenager is in a band but the garage is filled from top to bottom, what better place for band practice than in the basement?  Paint the walls, put up some nice band posters, lay down area rugs, and install racks for amps and guitars. Also, if you don’t want your neighbors filing noise complaints against you, ask your contractor to make soundproofing a priority.

Dog Sit Area

It’s an open space that dogs can’t escape. If you are looking for a stay-at-home job to make some money on the side then this is a great idea. Advertise your business on social media and set up flyers at the nearest grocery store. Lay down tile flooring for easy clean-up and chew-proof the area. You have yourself a fluff fest that pays!

Jazz it Up

Love clubbing? Well, you can turn your basement into your personal jazz club. Bring down a piano, install mood lighting, decorate the walls with vintage artwork, and offer guests a drink from your custom home bar or wine cellar. Seating options can vary with lounge chairs, bar stools, and more.

Game Room

Parents are constantly looking for ways to connect with their children. It’s not as easy as it used to be. Turn your basement into a game room and get a couple of old arcade games, a foosball table and board games to keep the children interested. Paint the room real bright and get a comfortable couch and a coffee table. Throw in a couple of huge cushions to sit on and enjoy Saturday nights watching Inside Out and eating popcorn with the family.

These were just a few of literally hundreds of possibilities for your finished basement. You can also turn your basement into a guest bedroom or a personal library or literally anything else according to your tastes and hobbies. The whole family can get together and put your heads in to find a way for everyone to enjoy the room and spend quality time together, or give and we’ll discuss the best options for your needs and the space.

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