5 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Next to bathroom renovation projects, kitchen renovation and kitchen addition projects are the top priority for homeowners in Canada. According to Houzz’s Canadian Kitchen Trends Study, homeowners choose to renovate the kitchen because can no longer stand the old kitchen, recently purchased the home and want to make it their own, the old kitchen broke down, or they recently found inspiration to make changes. By far the most popular motivation was wanting to do it all along, but finally having the means to renovate.

What are the most convincing reasons for undertaking a kitchen renovation project? We have collected five of the very best reasons below:

Dramatically Boost the Value of Your Home

The biggest remodel projects you can tackle to dramatically improve the overall value of your home are going to be the kitchen and in the bathroom, two of the most “valuable spaces” in any property and two of the most important spaces new home buyers are going to focus on.

Knock your kitchen remodel project out of the park and you will be able to sell your home above asking price in record time! Just remember, if you are planning to resell in the future you may want to avoid overly customized features, like neon green cabinets or your family name lovingly etched into the backsplash.

Increase Your Ability to Entertain on a Grander Scale

Probably the second most referenced reason to completely remodel a kitchen (only behind the first reason that we mentioned above), when you improve your kitchen with a remodel project you will be able to more effortlessly entertain on a much grander scale with a lot less effort. Hosting family dinners, Christmas gatherings, and Super Bowl parties will be a joy, not a headache.

Substantially Boost the Overall Enjoyment of Your Home

There is just something a little bit depressing about having an old and outdated kitchen that makes you want to spend a lot less time at home and a lot more time out at a restaurant or ordering in pizza. Improve the overall impact of your kitchen on your lifestyle by dramatically improving its aesthetics and functionality with a remodel project.

Improve Your Ability to Cook All Your Favourite Foods

Nobody likes to cook in a kitchen that is cramped, difficult to maneuver around in, and generally unappealing. Renovate your kitchen and you will be able to spend a lot more time in it – and not only that, but you’ll actually begin to look forward to spending a lot more time in your kitchen as well! If you have any special interests in the kitchen, you can design the new layout around your preferences. For example, you may want to include a special prep area if you love to bake, or add additional cabinetry if you have a lot of accessories to store.

When you cook more frequently at home you aren’t just going to be able to enjoy healthier and more diverse food options, but you’re also going to be able to save a lot of extra money compared to those that spend all of their time eating out at restaurants.

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