5 Risks of DIY Bathroom Renovations

It is always tempting to test your DIY skills in order to save money for your home renovations. However when it comes to bathroom renovations, there is far more at risk than you might think. Here are five risks of DIY bathroom renovations you will want to avoid:

Improper Installation

It is easy to think you are using the right technique for installation of materials like tiling and plumbing for pipes and faucets. However, the scary thing about a lot of installation during a bathroom renovation is that it is hidden behind walls and underneath floors. That means you won’t know you have done something wrong until you suddenly have a serious leak. You can also have a slow leak you will never discover which can lead to dangerous mould and mildew that can affect your health.

Safe Electrical

Most people can handle basic electrical such as replacing a light fixture. However if you are attempting more complicated installation such as a light in your shower stall or even thermal heated flooring, you are putting yourself and family at serious risk of shock. Water and electricity don’t mix and it just takes one faulty wire to cause serious damage to your home or your family members.

Unprofessional Finish

You might think applying tile is an easy job, but it is very easy to muck it up. You can easily make things look uneven, use improper cutting methods and even miss spots of grout that will not only look awful but also cause issues with water damage.


Many homeowners are all about the most expensive materials and the latest looks. However although you think you are saving money doing DIY bathroom renovations you are not getting a discount on materials like a professional contractor. This means you are paying highly marked up pricing for items such as tiling, faucets, and lighting fixtures.

Material Use

It is also a common mistake to think that any tile or finish can be used in a bathroom renovation. Unfortunately not all tile, flooring and even countertops are designed for bathroom use. You may love the look of a certain tile, but if it becomes very slippery, it’s not the right choice for a bathroom.

When it comes to a bathroom renovation, it is really in your best interests to look for help from a professional contractor. They will save you time, money and also the pain of expensive mistakes that can lead to the need for do-overs!  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427

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