5 Signs your Home Might Need a Mobility Makeover

Whether you have someone in your home with mobility issues or are trying to live in your home well into your retirement, there are a number of signs that indicate you might need a mobility makeover. A mobility renovation can assist in handling mobility issues including:

Poor Lighting

From a safety standpoint, poor lighting is not a good idea in any home. If your home has dark halls and staircases, it can be very easy for someone to trip and fall. Having new lighting installed such as pot lights will greatly improve visibility in key areas of the home to help avoid accidents. Having light switches that are easy to reach for those with mobility issues is also very important.

Narrow Doorways

People in wheelchairs or who use walkers need a wider berth to manoeuvre comfortably. By adding wider doorways throughout the home, people with mobility issues will be able to get from room to room without issues.


Stairs both inside and outside the home prove to be a major barrier for those with mobility issues. Having ramps to enter your home as well as specialty lifts will allow those with mobility issues to remain more independent and have full access both inside and outside the home.


The level of counters in the kitchen can also prove a problem for those in a wheelchair. Not only can high counters be inconvenient, they can be quite dangerous when knives and hot pots and pans are involved. Adjusting counters or adding a special spot where people can sit and do prep work such as chopping will make it easier for them to remain independent.

Bathroom Safety

Safety in the bathroom is always a concern for anyone with mobility issues. Having handle bars, proper toilet seats and room to move around in a wheelchair or with a walker is a must if you want to make mobility possible. Adjustments must also be made to tubs and shower stalls to make them level for easier access. Even for those without mobility issues, the bathroom has plenty of slippery surfaces making it dangerous for slips and falls. Having safe surfaces that provide more traction will help avoid injury.

If your home has any of these issues then you should consider having a consultation for a mobility renovation. You will learn what changes can be made to make your home both safer and more comfortable as well as to help people maintain their independence.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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