5 Unique Ways To Add Character To Your Home

Have you ever visited a friend’s home only to be “wowed” by the experience? What about it was memorable? Chances are that there was something in the home that helped add to its character. Simply put, the character of a home is the feeling you get when you are inside. It can be warm, inviting, cool, austere, grandiose, classic, and more. Simply put, there are innumerable ways you can add character to your home and make it that special place you love to live in. Below are five unique ways you can add character to your own home. A primer guide, hopefully some of the suggestions here will get you thinking!

Focus On Your Staircase

The staircase is an often-missed opportunity to add unique character to your home. Consider removing the carpet if any and repair any damage to the wood. Consider making changes to stain of the wood, adding a decorative railing, or simply consider wall hangings for the home. You will be amazed at how many ideas come to mind when you take a long hard look at your stairwell.

Stress Architectural Aesthetics

Many homes, especially older homes, are filled with smaller architectural embellishments. Stress these embellishments in the style of the home and make it stand out both internally and externally. You can create a more unifying aesthetic inside and out by focusing on these minor features.

Consider Built-Ins For Unused Spaces

Many homes have unused space like a bay window or area around a fireplace. Consider hollowing out some of these spaces to create a seat with storage. Something like a chair and cabinet space either built into the space or added can create a picturesque scene within your home.

Put Time Into Your Entrance And Welcoming Foyer

The first thing people will see when entering your home (outside of your front door of course) will be your entrance and welcoming foyer. Use this as an opportunity to set the mood and theme of the house. Whatever is stressed aesthetically throughout the home can have a representation of that style or design clearly on display when people enter.

Pay Closer Attention To Lighting

People often forget lighting when they are considering their interior space. Don’t make this mistake and do some research. Different intensities and colours may work in different parts of the home to help give each section their own unique feel.

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